DVD REVIEW: Big Thumbs Up for Popular Mechanics for Kids!

A friend of mine told me about these videos awhile back and I hadn’t gotten around to finding any yet. Just this past weekend we stumbled upon one at the library and now we are HOOKED! My kids cannot stop watching it!

VERY entertaining and VERY educational! Also very well made, which says a lot since my husband is a video photographer by profession, so we know what quality looks like. 🙂

We were pleasantly surprised by how long the firefighters dvd was (that’s the one that we watched). I assume they are all this long…it was jam-packed with episodes! Just when we thought the dvd was over, another would play!

The kids who star in it are very good actors, and both they and the adults in the show are very funny as well. Entertaining enough for all ages!

The information they share is very thorough and interesting. By demonstrating and dramatizing everything they’re talking about, often in a humorous way, they really make the info hit home. Even as an adult, I feel like I learned a lot!

There are quite a few of these available via Netflix (though, sadly, not instant view). Look for them at your local library or on Ebay and Amazon! You won’t be disappointed!

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