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I started blogging on Blogger back in 2004. I started this blog, centered around homeschooling, in 2005. I kept both blogs for years so that I could keep them separate. The Homeschool Realm as a place to center around my thoughts and resources regarding homeschooling… and “Tina’s Realm” on Blogger as a place to just be me and talk about everything else.

But lately I have felt like I just want to bring it all together into one place. So I exported all those posts from Blogger and imported them here into Homeschool Realm. And I’ve been slowly going through and retagging, recategorizing things. It’s allowing me to reread a lot of what I wrote years ago. I didn’t remember writing that much! Wow!

Also, a lot of the stuff I wrote on Blogger WAS actually about our homeschooling journey, so it fits here. But homeschooling isn’t just about education and learning, it’s about life. So I feel the rest fits here too.

So if you see things marked with a “Blogger” category (I’m not done yet, so it may still be awhile before I get them all done…there’s like 500+ posts to go through)…just know that those posts were written with a different purpose and a different audience. It was more my online journal of my journey as a new mom and new homeschooler…and I often used it to think out loud and to vent.

I haven’t decided yet if I will shut down my Blogger blog once I get everything totally moved over…it appears that some of the posts didn’t transfer, for some reason, so I’m still going through to see what got missed. It’s very tedious and time consuming. But luckily I actually enjoy going through it all again. :)

Eventually, when I’m done, you’ll be able to go over to the category widget in the sidebar and choose the “Blogger” category and see all those posts at once. Like I said, I’m far from done, so they are not all there yet. :)

I will probably also do a major overhaul of all the categories and tags on this site…and a theme change as well. Time for a makeover for the site!

I’m working on getting the shop filled up so it’s time to spruce things up!

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