Book Lists

I am a voracious book reader (or recently, audiobook consumer), and have been creating lists of books for many years. Books that I have read for myself and read aloud to my children (Check out my Goodreads account for those complete lists)…books I’ve stumbled upon over the years that I want to read…books that I’ve heard about that I want to remember to read someday when I find the time…books that I want to remember when we get to that topic…books that I want to remember so I can recommend to others…books that have been recommended by fellow homeschoolers…

I adore lists. I’m a list kinda gal. Lists and spreadsheets bring me joy and help me to remember what my brain cannot seem to hold onto. 

I share some of my favorite book lists here with you, in the hopes that others will also benefit from them.

You also may want to check out the category “Book Reviews” as I write my thoughts on some of the books I read from time to time. 

My List of Book Lists:

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