Book Lists

I have been collecting lists of recommended books for myself for years. Books that I myself have read for myself and my children…books I’ve stumbled upon over the years that I want to read…books that I’ve heard about that I want to remember to read someday when I find the time…books that I want to remember when we get to that topic…books that I want to remember so I can recommend to others…books that have been recommended by fellow homeschoolers…

I adore lists. I’m a list kinda gal. It helps me to keep them organized in lists so I can refer to them myself and I figured there will be others that would benefit as well! 🙂

So I compile my lists here for myself and to share with others. For my own reference and for others to be able to find when they are looking for a book on a particular topic, books for their child at a certain age, or just great books for their family to read together. I have them all here!

And sometimes I like to review books on my site in blog posts, so check out the category “Book Reviews” to find all of those. If you’d like to find book reviews with a specific topic, you can use the drop down menus for categories and tags together in the sidebar to filter your searches even more! I will continue to write those as I feel compelled.

If you have any books that you would like to recommend to me, I am always happy to hear about them! Feel free to leave a comment on my site or email me via my contact page.

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