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This is a list I’ve gathered over the years of children’s history related picture books or books that are primarily pictures sharing historical stories and info in an interesting way…vs textbooks (which feed facts, not stories, in a dry, dull way…with FAR too many words, not enough pictures. And the pictures they do have are not usually very interesting.)

I have found that I, myself, MUCH prefer short, well-written text that is written in a highly interesting way, making good use of many good pictures to make history come alive. So I have always attempted to use primarily these types of books with my children at all ages of their development.

These books seem to be aimed at elementary and middle school children…but I believe even high school age children can enjoy them as well. My older children have always delighted in picture books as much as I have! And they can help them really enjoy history in a way no boring textbook can.

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