Book of the week: I Wonder What’s Under There?

I Wonder What's Under There?

I Wonder What’s Under There, by Deborah Nourse Lattimore

I love this book! I think I got it years ago…long before children…from the bargain section of Borders Books (I miss them!) when I was working there. It was so intriguing, I couldn’t resist! The idea of underwear throughout history!!

It’s a cute little lift the flap sort of popup style picture book that is actually really quite informative! A quick read, and lots of engaging (and funny!) pics…plus flaps to lift and take a peek under the clothing of people of different historical eras on nearly every page!! What kid wouldn’t love this?? (Heck, what adult?)

It can be enjoyed on its own, or maybe even start a new venture into the history of clothing!

Represented in this book: The invention of underwear in the days of cave people…ancient Egypt…the Italian Renaissance…tribal people in the Americas and Africa…1700s France and Asia…1800s England…colonial America and into the early 1900s. The book closes with brief representations of modern underwear in the late 1900s.

This is a fun book to have on hand whenever you are covering a time period and want to take a “peek” at what they wore “under there” during that time!

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