Book of the Week: Poetry Speaks to Children

Poetry Speaks to Children

Poetry Speaks to Children

I’ve had this book for years…I believe it was given to me to review on another website of mine, but I’ve since forgotten. I never got into it because I’m just not really a poetry person.

But I’ve recently gotten all about Julie Bogart’s “Brave Writer Lifestyle“, and along with that comes “Poetry Teatime.” This has become something my kids really enjoy.

We don’t always read poetry, we often read other types of books at our teatimes…but when we read poetry, this is one of the books we will grab from our shelves, as it’s got so many fun ones in it! Not sure why I didn’t get into it sooner!

There are all sorts of poems here. From lots of famous poets and authors! Many that I wouldn’t be familiar with, but many that I am… J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Frost, Roald Dahl, Emily, Dickenson, Lewis Carroll, William Shakespeare, Rudyard Kipling, Robert Graves, Langston Hughes, W.B. Yeats, E.E. Cummings, Edgar Allen Poe, A.A. Milne, Robert Louis Stevenson….and these are just the names that I personally recognize! There’s a ton more! There’s 99 pages of poems in here! All fully illustrated with gorgeous color illustrations.

The book also comes with a cd of the poems read by the poets themselves! (Except, of course, the ones that couldn’t…I mean…I’m sure they don’t have Shakespeare reading his, LOL!)

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