BOOK REVIEW: More Dribble Drabble

More Dribble Drabble

More Dribble Drabble, by Deya Brashears

I love the projects in this book! Some fantastic art to do with kids…all focusing on the “process,” not the “product.”

With children, particularly the very young, this is vital for their healthy development & creativity. I can’t tell you how much it drives me crazy to see so many teachers using coloring pages and pre-prepared “art” with children. From my college education on child development, I learned that children do not benefit from a creation that was drawn, and often cut out by someone else. They need the “hands-on” process of creating their own art, in their own way, without anyone telling them (or implying, by giving them something pre-designed) how their final product is supposed to look. The “cookie-cutter,” “teacher-directed art” where you can’t tell the difference between the kids’ work can even be detrimental to young children. By giving children pre-designed, pre-created art projects, we are unintentionally telling them that we think they are incapable of doing art “right.” This can halt the creativity process and hinder a child’s ability to feel themselves capable of creating at all.

So, use this book to have fun, developmentally appropriate, creative art experiences with your kids.

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