BOOK REVIEW: The Dust Bowl Through the Lens

The Dust Bowl Through the Lens

The Dust Bowl Through the Lens: How Photography Revealed and Helped Remedy a National Disaster, by Martin W. Sandler

I just finished reading this book cover to cover. I never really knew about The Dust Bowl and all that happened. Stumbled upon this book in the children’s nonfiction section at the library and found it absolutely fascinating! It really made it very clear to me about this period of history and the “Okies.” (My husband’s grandparents were self-proclaimed “Okies”, so now I really understand what that meant!)

This isn’t a simple sit-down-and-read-aloud-to-your-kids type book. It definitely is more detailed than young children would have the patience to sit through. But if its a topic that interests you and them, it is very doable in pieces. And the pictures are just stunning (which is the point of the book…how photography influenced this national disaster) and truly draw you into the story.

More than the kids, I found that I now have a better understanding about this disaster and now I can help to guide my children to a better understanding of this part of history when the topic comes up in the future.

Riveting read, especially if you are like me (a product of the public school system) and didn’t really have a clue about The Dust Bowl tragedy.

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  1. I’ll have to check this book out! I just read a book I found in the young adult section called “Out of the Dust.” by Karen Hesse. It is historical fiction and is very powerful!

    My husband’s family is from Oklahoma and I talked to his 91-year-old grandfather on the phone to ask him about his experience. I’m posting about our conversation today and was looking for informaiton about the Dust Bowl and came across your blog post. Thanks for the book recommedation!

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