BOOK REVIEW: The Family Bed

This is a FANTASTIC book! I had been recommended this book over & over and finally (years ago) checked it out from our local La Leche League library & read it. Wow! It’s an old book, but the info still holds true. For those of us that practice the “family bed”, this book is a comfort and very educational. For those who don’t…this may make you look differently at the whole issue, or at least understand better those of us who practice this age-old custom. It talks about how the family bed is more than just a convenience to nursing moms (which of course it absolutely is! I can honestly say I never, during the early nursing years, felt sleep deprived. But that’s MY story, I realize.)…but is actually something very good for the children. Since the beginning of time, up til around 100 years ago, children were customarily brought to bed with their parents…and still are in a majority of cultures all over the world today. And the children of this practice are typically well-adjusted, healthy sleepers, even after they’ve left the family bed, which, the book explains happens naturally when the child is developmentally ready. (If allowed by the parents.) Also it talks about the long-term emotional benefits of this practice, to the children & the family as a whole. This book is all-around GREAT! I can’t say enough about it! Highly recommended reading!

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