BOOK REVIEW: The Remarkable & Very True Story of Lucy & Snowcap

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The Remarkable & Very True Story of Lucy & Snowcap, by H. M. Bouwman

I found this on the library bookshelf and was intrigued…Just finished it today…was reading to see if my 9.5yr old would like it and if it was appropriate. I am handing it to her with a big thumbs up!

This is the story of 2 very hard headed and mostly unlikable (by their peers) girls from 2 very different cultures. Snowcap is the orphaned daughter of shipwrecked convicts from England in the late 1700s. Lucy is a native of the island on which they shipwrecked. The typical British invasion of native lands occurs and they take over, establishing a colony.

At the time this story begins, both girls are 12yrs old and haven’t met yet. The “Anglish” (English) live on the main island and The Colay (natives) have been banned from the mainland and are forced to only live on the smaller islands and have no contact with the white men anymore. Lucy’s mom has just had a baby boy and Lucy is told to take and leave the baby to die in the “Lifestone Garden.” All the Colay boys and men have turned to stone and the same fate is expected for Lucy’s newborn baby brother…but Lucy decides that this fate is unacceptable and embarks on a mission to save him.

The girls stumble upon each other as Lucy heads to the mainland to find “The Philosophers” who she’s told may be able to help her brother and Snowcap is fleeing her parents’ murderers who plan a similar fate for her. They must learn to trust each other (something foreign to both of them) and work together to save the baby and change all of their lives.

I really liked this book and I highly recommend it!!

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