BOOK REVIEW–The Sherlock Files: The 100-Year-Old Secret

The Sherlock Files book 1

The Sherlock Files: The 100-Year-Old Secret, by Tracy Barrett 

Just finished this book, a quick read, even for my 9yr old. My daughter and I both give it a thumbs up! Can’t wait to read the sequel! I found this on the shelf at the library and gave it to my daughter to read…which she whizzed through and then insisted I read it too. She was right! It was a difficult-to-put-down book, that’s for sure! And, I’m happy to say, a higher quality read than the Rainbow Magic Fairies and Boxcar Children books she had been stuck on for a while. (They’ve been far beneath her reading ability for some time, but she just loved them so, she whizzed through them at breakneck speed!)

This book tells the tale of an American brother and sister duo (Xena and Xander) whose family moves to England, where they discover they are the direct decedents of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes! This quickly leads, naturally, to a mystery to be solved!

A quick read, which is great for kids who are capable of higher quality reading but are still intimidated by longer reads.

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