BOOK REVIEW: Who’s That Stepping on Plymouth Rock

Whos That Stepping on Plymouth Rock

Who’s That Stepping on Plymouth Rock, by Jean Fritz

This is a really cute, quick read about the infamous Plymouth Rock. It talks about the real story of that rock in a fun way.

From 1620 to current times, the story of Plymouth Rock was really interesting for even me! I read this aloud to my kids in probably under 30min, and they weren’t interested in it when I started. But they were enjoying it as I got into it! 🙂 Then afterward, I Googled and we looked at actual photos of the rock and the structure that was created to put around it.

Some day we’ll visit that area of the country and make sure that Plymouth Rock is on our list of places to check out. It doesn’t seem to be a big deal in and of itself but added to a tour of that area, I think it would be fun to see. Even if it really wasn’t stepped on by the pilgrims (No one really knows! As the book will tell you!)

If you’re learning about the pilgrims of Plymouth, this is a good read to add to the mix. Check it out from your local library (if they have it) and share with your kids! Cute story!

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