BOOK SERIES REVIEW: Great world cultures book series: A Child’s Day

Yikang’s Day: From Dawn to Dusk in a Chinese City, by Sungwan So

Found this book at the library while researching books on China to use with this idea of Homeschooling with The Amazing Race, as discussed in our podcast episode #19.

This series is full of beautifully done photo picture books depicting a child from a foreign (as in, non-American) city/village. Each book is a different child in a different country.

In the China book, they introduce you to the child and her family, show her home and how she starts here day. From there it goes through her typical day and describes many different items and traditions that are unique to her country (with lots of great photos!)  The story ends with bedtime and afterwards are a few pages with “More About China”, “Language of China”, “The Chinese Words in the Book”, and “Find out more” (which is a short list of other books about China.

Here’s are other books in the series:

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