Book of the Week: Grandad’s Prayers of the Earth


I don’t recall how I found this book, years ago…but I’m sure I stumbled upon it as I perused the picture book aisles of a book store, as I always do whenever I visit. I just adore picture books. Even now that I have big kids (12 and 17). I can’t get away from them, and my roots, preschool…my first teaching experiences.

But even big kids like picture books. And this book was fun to share with my big kids. It’s not one most preschoolers would appreciate, I think. The message might be a bit over their heads, though I would still read it to them. 🙂

Grandad’s Prayers of the Earth, by Douglas Wood….gorgeously illustrated by P.J. Lynch  is a lovely journey of a little boy, learning about how every thing on this earth “prays.” He learns from his grandad the deep message of the “prayers” of all the living and nonliving things in nature. Later we see him deal with loss and remember his grandfather’s message after he is gone. A very sweet and powerful message with beautiful pictures.

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