Books Fall Open

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I started a new Instagram! Here’s what it’s about…

I started working at a bookstore last November, in the kids department. This has been just fantastic for me since I’m not only a lifelong bookworm, but I ADORE kids’ books!

Ever since then I’ve been finding so many really awesome books and taking cover images of them to remember to buy them or share them with others. My phone is seriously filling up with these book photos!

I knew I needed to find someplace to share regularly, and finally decided on Instagram. Then came the whole process of coming up with a name…

I finally came up with it: Books.Fall.Open

I’m sure many of you have heard this poem. I cannot seem to find it on the web in an official capacity…it’s quite old…so here it is in its entirety, copied from one of the many pages on the web that has published it online:

Books Fall Open

Books fall open,
you fall in,
delighted where,
you’ve never been.
Hear voices
not once heard before,
Reach world through world,
through door on door.
Find unexpected
keys to things,
locked up beyond
True books will venture,
Dare you out,
Whisper secrets,
Maybe shout,
across the gloom,
to you in need
Who hanker for
a book to read.”

― David McCord

I absolutely LOVE this poem and until today had never read the entire thing. Now I love it even more! It pretty much encompasses how I feel about books.

It reminds me of this adorable little picture book I discovered at work:


Such a lovely little book with this whole idea of reading a book being this magical experience…with all these colors and objects floating out of a book being read…I fell instantly in love with this! It also very much represents how I feel about reading books.

I am trying to get my daughter to make me a lovely logo image…for now, I just threw something together in Canva to use until then. (see the image on this post)

I am really happy with this new name for my new project!

People who get it will get it.
Those who don’t can read this post. 😄

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