California Homeschooling: How to File a Private School Affidavit, Step by Step Instructions

Step 4: Gather the Required Records

You need 2 folders to hold your legal paperwork:

  1. Holds documents a government official (i.e. attendance officer) is legally entitled to see without a warrant or subpoena.
  2. Holds all the other required records.

Folder 1
 (For government officials)

  • Copy of the affidavit you are going to fill out soon.
  • An attendance record. Here’s a page of school calendars I like to use to find one for the year to print. Or you can find something else online or just use a wall calendar. The only things you need to mark are the beginning and ending days of your school year and the days your student is off at least half a day. Private schools do not have a minimum number of days or hours they are required to meet. Public schools are in session 175-180 days, and most homeschoolers aim for around that, but it is not required.
  • Letter verifying your children are enrolled in and attending your private school. (You can make school letterhead to make it official if you like.)

Folder 2
 (Everything else)

  • List of all “faculty” of your private school, their addresses, and their qualifications. –Yes, being their parent qualifies you. You know your child better than anyone! And are willing to put the work in to learn what you need to know to teach them. You do NOT need a college degree or credential to homeschool! You only need to be “capable of teaching,” which is open to interpretation.
  • The courses of study you offer. (see below)
  • Immunization records (even if they are blank).
  • For 1st graders only: Report of Health Examination for School Entry or waiver.

Because you are working exclusively with your own children, you are not required to do the TB test and criminal background checks that brick and mortar private schools are required to do.

Below is more info on the “Course of Study”…

According to the education code, your child’s instruction must “be taught in the English language and shall offer instruction in the several branches of study required to be taught in the public schools of the state” (ยง48222)

PLEASE NOTE:  As a private school, you are required to OFFER everything below, but your students are not required to TAKE everything.

The “adopted course of study” for grades 1 to 6:

English, math, social sciences, science, fine arts, health, and physical education.

The “adopted course of study” for grades 7-12:

All that is included in the above plus: Foreign language, applied arts, vocational education, and drivers education.

Once you have all the above paperwork ready, it’s time to file the private school affidavit!
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