Why education gaps don’t concern me

CC Image courtesy of Robert S. Donovan on Flickr This article originally published July 25, 2014 and updated on February 5, 2019 Gaps in my children’s homeschool education don’t concern me. I hear homeschoolers express fear over the dreaded “gaps” in their child’s education all the time. It’s all over the internet, particularly rampant among newbie homeschoolers.

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Research says to delay academics!

CC image courtesy of Leslie on Flickr This article originally published November 13, 2015 and updated on February 4, 2019 Recently articles about this Stanford research keep popping up in my news feed. It says we’re sending our kids to school too early. And that is possibly why we have such a huge amount of attention deficit disorder

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Homeschooling with Les Miz

Homeschooling with Les Miserables

I am a Les Miserables enthusiast.  Fangirl. Fanatic. Let’s just say I have a passion for this story, the characters, and the music… And as such, I’ve tried to find ways to bring it into not just our family life, but into our homeschooling… First, a little background: I went to

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