So much for that theme

So over the past week, I have been trying to get a new theme that I purchased set up here on Homeschool Realm. Some of you may have noticed the chaos. Well…it seemed like a really awesome theme and the demo was gorgeous. But alas…I have run into the same sort of headaches with that theme as I have had […]

Back to relaxed homeschooling

I wrote this post back in May, but never hit “publish”, for some reason….so, better late than never, right? 🙂  I’m predating it so it is posted in May on my site, but for those of you reading this because I just posted the link on FB in August, you now know why I posted this in August. 🙂 Homeschooling […]

Multi-generational education

Since enrolling my kids in a homeschool charter at the beginning of this school year (just about a month ago)…I’ve had a chance to see what I now strongly believe education SHOULD look like. Multi-generational. NOT segregating specific age groups and having them in a classroom with just one or 2 adults…but the WHOLE FAMILY being involved! My kids now […]

A little party song to get your day hoppin!

I just LOVE this song! Just looked up the video for the first time and my kids and I had fun dancing around the room and watching it. It made me think how fun our lives can be. Especially as homeschoolers, without all the chains of public education. In fact, here’s a challenge…someone should take this song and change it […]

my new favorite song

(and my new favorite musical scene from a movie!) here’s the video (from the movie “enchanted”…great movie, by the way!) and here’s the lyrics: Giselle: How does she know you love her? How does she know she’s yours? Man: How does she know that you love her? Giselle: How do you show her you love her? Both: How does she […]

my latest passion

so lately i’m fired up on a new topic…i found out that shawna, owner of young at art, is helping spearhead the creation of a new “alternative school” here in fresno. i talked to her some about it and have done a lot of thinking about it…and recently stumbled upon a home video i made at harmony day school from […]

goal for this week

to start charting out all the things to do in the central valley when its hot out. and scheduling some field trips and other beat the heat ideas for the whole summer. its HOT now (110 this weekend!) and it sucks the life outta me. (have i mentioned lately how much i HATE living in the central valley in the […]

i need some new ideas!

we have this great yard and so many ideas for it…so far things are coming along nicely. in the past year we dug out a sandpit: here’s the finished product…tyren under the cat-proof (theoretically) net: now i’m wanting to find something to do with this space here: that’s a concrete slab that we have outside our bedroom windows, on the […]