the tyrenisms just keep coming… tyren seems to be a bit occupied lately with saying prayer. my parents take him once a week for lunch or dinner (depending on when they are available), and being religious, they always say grace. well lately tyren has been insisting on us (adam, maeven and i) holding hands and bowing heads and he says […]


Mommy: “Do you have poo-poos?”Tyren: “No. Not I do, Mommy. NOT I DO!!!!” (said with very grouchy face)(Mommy laughs)*later*Mommy: “You ready to eat waffles?”Tyren: “Yes!!”Mommy: “Are you going to be able to sit in your high chair?” (he hates sitting in poop)Tyren: “No.”Mommy: “Don’t you want your diaper changed so you can sit in your high chair?”Tyren: “NO!!” *pause* “Oh…..yes!” […]