Where in the world? (Pt. 3)

Continued from Pt 1 and Pt 2… Well, I’m very disappointed to report that the “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” iPhone game is not available. Not sure why they have a page for it still on Gameloft’s website, if its not available…But I tried to purchase it and after being sent around a bit, it finally admitted its […]

Where in the world? (Pt. 2)

…continuing from last post Since I’m not really good at most of the world yet (I only just got all 50 states memorized by shape/location recently!), I need some training first, so here’s where I will be going first…Sheppard Software has an excellent geography section of their website that includes all different levels of learning all the different areas of […]

Where in the world? (Pt. 1)

I am really into geography. I suppose it’s a side effect of living all over the world growing up. My dad was in the Navy and we moved every couple years, including 2 tours overseas (Sicily and Okinawa), and lots of travel as well. It’s amazing how well you get to know the world simply by going there. Unfortunately, that’s […]

Beware of false history textbooks

I read an interesting article this morning, which I found because someone had tweeted that site’s previous article about altered history textbooks. Fascinating, and scary, stuff! It makes me really wonder what books to believe, and what I should be teaching my children! But then, I’ve had this discussion before on the Secular Charlotte Mason yahoogroup (LOVE that group, by […]

“U.S. School Children Need Less Work, More Play”

Really interesting article just shared on our local homeschool group. Its a very short read. The best part is that what they are saying negates the whole socialization argument against homeschooling! LOL! To clarify: The argument against homeschooling so often heard (ad nauseum) is that homeschoolers aren’t getting enough socialization because they’re not in school…So this article says: “a growing […]