Generation Genius

Generation Genius

I saw an ad in my Facebook feed today that intrigued me. An ad for a new video streaming service for science videos! Immediately got MY attention, especially with all the way cool experiments in the video! He’s called the Dancing Scientist, and here’s his YouTube channel. The service that he’s doing is called Generation Genius. After watching the ad […]

We’re starting a podcast!!

Soooo….I’ve really gotten into listening to podcasts in recent years…it’s just so hard to find time to read so I find it extremely convenient and enjoyable to plug into my iPhone to listen to a podcast while I wash dishes, go grocery shopping, mow the lawn, do laundry, whatever! Multitasking is super useful and it has the added bonus of […]

MinecraftEdu coming soon!!!

I’m so excited! Just got this back from The Minecraft Teacher (I emailed him about the possibility of virtual classes): Hello there!  First some apologies…  I apologize that I’m sending you a form letter.  And extra apologies if I have not also sent you a personal note before.  And extra, extra apologies if you’ve been waiting a long time for my […]

Homeschooling is better for the government!

Well now this is interesting: (from this article) “As far as cost saving measures, homeschooling beats the public school programs hands-down. The average per-pupil allocation to the schools is about $8000 per year.Community College at $76 per credit hour comes to $2736 per year for 18 hours each semester. The average homeschool family spends $500 to $600 per student per […]