Prime numbers activity

Here’s a great video illustrating how to teach children about prime numbers. I’m thinking we could draw a similar (smaller) chart on our driveway and use paper or pieces of cardboard to cover the numbers. Neat idea! I can’t seem to access the video code from my phone or I’d embed the video here. Have to come back and do […]

The “Exchange Change” Game

Here’s a great game for helping children learn about the value of coins. I’ve successfully used this with my daughter in the past (she’s now nearly 11), and now with my 6yr old son. I wrote out the instructions on an index card and saved it and all the coins mentioned in the instructions in a zipper bag with one […]

Amazing new math game!

I stumbled upon the “SumStacker” iPhone app awhile back, a math game for kids, and was REALLY impressed with it! So I checked out the website of the developer of the game and found this: Apparently the game isn’t officially out yet…still in Beta testing…But I, for one, will be keeping a close eye on this website and will be […]