The future’s so bright…

The future’s so bright…

Today I’m working hard on various projects in the making…and reflecting on something I have learned over the years from all my experiences and especially the failures. One, never give up. And two, don’t rely on or trust others with my dream again. Learned that the hard way. I know I will need to work with others still, and must […]

A crate full o’music

A crate full o’music

  Doing some reorganizing and decluttering and I found an entire crate FULL of kids’ music! That’s right! This is a square milk crate and it truly is ONLY filled, right to the top, with kids’ CDs! Yes, I did have a bit of a kids’ music habit once upon a time…having been a preschool teacher whose specialty was music […]



I shared the state of our school room/art area/”Big room” last post…That actually hasn’t changed yet. So today I want to talk about overwhelm. You know the feeling. I know you do. You can’t be a mom in America and not be intimate with the feeling. But I feel like homeschoolers in particular are familiar with this feeling because the […]

Education is a mindset

Not sure where this train of thought will take me…but I woke up today and immediately got on Facebook, as I always do, and got into a conversation on Facebook that made me think… The conversation content isn’t entirely relevant because my thinking went into a different direction, as often happens, and got me thinking about why I have the […]

I have crappy days too

I hate blogs that make homeschooling seem like it’s super duper fun and always goes well. Moms who only blog about their good days, I feel, are doing a great disservice to the image of homeschooling. Yes, homeschooling is a wonderful thing…and yes we do often enjoy the freedom to do what we want…but every day is NOT sunshine and […]

Homeschooling Step one: RELAX!

Homeschooling Step one: RELAX!

I am a member of a TON of Homeschooling groups on Facebook. A TON. Seriously. I like feeling like I have my finger on the pulse of the homeschooling community. The common thread, which I literally read in post after post EVERY.SINGLE.DAY (no joke), is the STRESS that we are all feeling. The stress of getting started and not really […]

Homeschooling for the Routine Challenged

I woke up this morning, as I do every morning, thinking thinking thinking. One thing led to another…and I started to have a sort of epiphany. Sort of.  I’ve gone around this idea for a little while now, but I’m starting to feel like I’m formulating a sort of plan now. I need to get this down on paper (virtual paper) before […]

I am a secular homeschooler

I am a minority amongst a group of minorities. (Using the word “minority” to mean literally “a number that is less than the whole number”, not in any way saying I have ANY idea what it means to be a racial minority.)   One cannot assume nowadays that homeschooler=Christian. BUT, truth be told….religious homeschoolers still very much outnumber the nonreligious. […]

The silence is golden

Just tickled pink right now! I turned the tv on a little while ago, thinking that the kids hardly ever get to see some of the morning shows on PBS because we just haven’t been turning the tv on lately except in the afternoon when their favorite shows are on. Frankly, I’VE missed Curious George! Lol! So I just looked […]

Sick thoughts

Laying in bed, sick with a cold, listening to Pandora on my phone. I plugged in Kenny Loggins, one of my favorites, and it started with his heart wrenching, but oh-so-lovely “Forever”…not a song that reminds me of anything in particular but feels like it must to many. It’s such a strong song. Started me thinking about how songs often […]

Time to step it up

I am horrible at consistency. Seriously. Horrible. But I understand the value of being consistent and keep striving for it. Blogging is something I’ve wanted to be more consistent at for awhile…but with everything else I’m also trying to improve at (the biggest of which would be getting my house to stop being such a pigsty!)… Blogging just keeps getting […]

Beware of false history textbooks

I read an interesting article this morning, which I found because someone had tweeted that site’s previous article about altered history textbooks. Fascinating, and scary, stuff! It makes me really wonder what books to believe, and what I should be teaching my children! But then, I’ve had this discussion before on the Secular Charlotte Mason yahoogroup (LOVE that group, by […]

Interesting flashback

Saturday I got a blast from my past. Very interesting to me because I just am usually not exposed to this crap anymore these days…so I really notice it when it happens. A kid was visiting a neighbor and lurking around the kids playing in my yard…I still don’t really know what he was saying and if things were truly […]

Another day, another dollar

OK not really…but I AM making more money with my businesses and I feel big things coming!! I’m really excited by it all! At the same time I’m feeling particularly overwhelmed with life right now…but that is pretty much a given with me. I hate the feeling of overwhelm and just tonight I’m starting to feel like its smothering me […]

making the best of where i am

i woke up this morning after having some very vivid dreams about moving to jersey (where i spent my high school & early college years) to a fabulous old house i used to live in with lots of big rooms…that house was in a cute little town of freehold (bruce springsteen’s “hometown”, which isn’t so small anymore)…but in my dream […]

time wasters

i’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking on how to get enough time to do things that are important to me…and it occurred to me that i’m REALLY glad now that our tv consumption is at an all-time low. what a time waster tv can be! there’s really not enough time in the day for me to get all […]

“I don’t know how you do it”

We’ve all heard it. Probably a million times.  Here’s my response today to a teacher/friend on Facebook telling me: “I don’t know how you do it.” Well, it really all depends on how you look at education. 🙂 And I fully respect everyone’s right to their own views on education. just as much as I respect everyone’s right to their […]