BOOK REVIEW: The Peaceful Classroom

This is a curriculum book that no preschool teacher (or homeschooler) should be without! Each activity even includes what center it could be used at! (Circle time, Art area, etc.) It lists words that you can introduce to the children through the activity, as well as what to do, what you need, what to do for more, & involving parents! […]

BOOK REVIEW: The Outside Play and Learning Book

This one really came in handy for that outside play time when you just want to add a little structure to it! Some great activities for preschoolers! It’s sectioned into themes, like “The Wonderful World of Make-Believe,” “Wheels, Wheels, Wheels,” “Dig It-Things to do with Sand & Mud,” & much more! And each activity tells what age its appropriate for […]

BOOK REVIEW: Mudpies to Magnets

Another terrific preschool curriculum book! This book is divided into topic areas…”Science Center Activities,” “Construction & Measurement,” “Circle Time…” etc…Age appropriateness is mentioned, as well as words to introduce, things you’ll need, what to do, & what to do for more. A good book for bringing science into the preschool classroom! Many of the activities can also be adjusted for […]

BOOK REVIEW: Positive Discipline

This is the book we used at the high quality preschool I used to teach at, years ago. I HIGHLY recommend this form of discipline because I’ve seen it work. The main concept in this discipline is RESPECT. Not just children respecting parents, but parents respecting children! Also check out the Positive Discipline website. This philosophy uses age appropriate expectations […]

BOOK REVIEW: The Fussy Baby Book

Yes, another Dr. Sears book…I love this guy! Years ago, this one really helped me to see my fussy baby in a new light…helped me to see the fussiness through the baby’s eyes. Also showed me I did NOT have a collicky infant & that others have it much worse. It was a relief to realize I really didn’t have […]

BOOK REVIEW: The Baby Book

The original Dr. Sears book…attachment parenting guru. Learn all about caring for baby the natural way. Dr. Sears encourages parents to trust their instincts & love their babies above all else. You won’t find any of the harsh practices of “cry it out” or ignoring your babies needs which are prevalent in most mainstream baby books these days. This is […]

BOOK REVIEW: Nighttime Parenting

As always, Dr. Sears (aka attachment parenting “guru”) wrote a very informative & enjoyable book! Very different from the Ferber & Ezzo philosophies…Sears is more of a “gently to sleep” advocate. This book is a keeper! All parents face these issues of sleep with their children…here’s a book that gives you an alternative to the heart-wrenching “cry it out” method. […]