Anxiety and depression are no joke

I talked about perimenopause in my last post. But I need to talk some more about some specific symptoms today…. I dealt with the blues in my adolescence and early 20s, now and then….And I’ve always been a bit of a worrier…nothing really serious. But this stuff that perimenopause is throwing at me is “fer really real,” y’all. I had […]

Enjoying nature with my kids

Enjoying nature with my kids

  Years ago, I worked as an intern at SCICON Outdoor School (aka “The Clemmie Gill School of Science and Conservation”) in the foothills of eastern Tulare County, CA. In fact, it was where I met my husband, Adam. It was a FANTASTIC experience. Seriously life changing. For one school year I worked 10-12 hour (or more) days, hiking around in the […]

I have crappy days too

I hate blogs that make homeschooling seem like it’s super duper fun and always goes well. Moms who only blog about their good days, I feel, are doing a great disservice to the image of homeschooling. Yes, homeschooling is a wonderful thing…and yes we do often enjoy the freedom to do what we want…but every day is NOT sunshine and […]

Keep it simple, Stupid!!

Keep it simple, Stupid!!

My motto this year is THINK SIMPLE. If it’s not simple, it won’t work with our family. So I’m going to try try try to KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID! LOL! I’ve already determined that prefab curriculum just does not excite my kids (even the really fabulous ones that exist out there!) They are BOOOOOOOORED when I stick with any sort […]

2013/14 Field Trips

One of the (many) beautiful things about homeschooling, is the possibility to take field trips whenever and wherever we can. How many field trips annually do public schools take? I don’t know. I’ve been told it depends on the school district, maybe the school. Some say our local area only get 1 or 2 per year.  I believe some schools […]

Gotta love self motivation!

I love when one of my children actually cooperates. It’s not always a regular occurrence, so it stands out in my mind when it happens…I recently explained to my 13yr old that because we got lax on math this year, that in order to finish this level before the new school year, she will need to work on it straight […]

Life continues

I can’t seem to find time to update my blogs these days. Too busy living my life, I guess. But I’m going to keep trying! This week I am thinking about how far I’ve come with our homeschooling. My kids, while not totally where I want them to be (will they ever be?) have come a long way. We are […]

A New Week

I think I’m ready to start this week. I’m showered (hair still wet, as you can see), I’m dressed, I’m sitting in my favorite spot in my comfy chair in the “Big Room” (our playroom/homeschool room) and updating my account (via the wonderful iphone app!) with the books my son read yesterday. Yes, the new bookworm. Have I mentioned […]

Working on planning school year

Yesterday I spent all day on this and will probably do the same today. I’m sorting out what to use for next year…As I think I’ve mentioned before, I really like the idea of using a history book as a spine (guideline) and add in other books to supplement not just the history, but also to add in the music/musicians, […]

Getting organized!

Started organizing my thoughts on paper. Did some journaling and came up with the idea to put big pieces of butcher paper on the wall to plot out my projects and keep me focused. With my (self diagnosed) A.D.D., I find it hard to maintain momentum when I have so many balls in the air. Inevitably I hyper focus on […]

Ah, summer…

We recently finished our first school year at a homeschool charter, and had a truly wonderful year! I’m very glad I made the decision to sign my kids up! So many wonderful free resources available! But one thing is kind of a drag: recording everything remotely educational we do. So I made the decision to take the summer off from […]

We’re LIVE!!

The Savvy Homeschool Moms podcast is now LIVE! You can listen/download/subscribe via our website, or….via iTunes! We already have 2 episodes up and plan to record and upload #3 this weekend! We’re SO excited!! Please check us out and help us spread the word! Like us on Facebook at follow us on Twitter at

Books read in 2011

Books Maeven Read to Herself in 2011 Tina Smith’s favorite books » Share book reviews and ratings with Tina, and even join a book club on Goodreads. } Books Read Aloud to Maeven in 2011 Tina Smith’s favorite books » Share book reviews and ratings with Tina, and even join a book club on Goodreads. }

Update on the Smith Family

Just wanted to pop over here and write a quick post to update everyone on our homeschool experiences. This year, as mentioned in a previous post, we decided to try out a local homeschool charter. Let me tell you…this has been the BEST decision I have EVER made in regards to homeschooling! Its been everything I’ve ever needed/wanted, and then […]

Venturing into the charter school realm…

We live in California, where there are several options for homeschooling…4, actually…But nearly everyone chooses one of 2: establish your own private school (with just your own children as your only students), or sign up with a homeschool charter (run by the public school system, catering to home education…With enrichment classes, materials, and a credentialed teacher to guide you. All […]

A peek into our “school room”

This past week I had a request from some moms on Facebook to share more info (including pics) about our “Art Area”, and I thought since its simply a corner of our “school room,” I’d include info/pics about the entire room. I’ve worked very hard on this room…its been a long time in the making. But its nowhere near where […]

New starts and New ideas

I’m constantly learning and coming up with new ideas on how to do things in my life, particularly in regards to homeschooling. This whole adventure called “homeschooling” has proven to be a HUGE learning experience for me (and I’m thoroughly enjoying it…most days. grin) This week I am attempting to launch a new “school year”…something which always seems so weird […]

where do i start?

oh my heavens, i cannot tell you how happy it feels to have that damned big room DONE! the carpet/linoleum went in today. here’s a rundown of what’s left now:  finish linoleum (carpet guy was missing what was needed to properly complete covering the steps today) buy/install can light covers (14 of them) get contractor to plane the french doors […]