just breathe….

i have to remind myself to breathe. i’m getting that worked up feeling where i’m feeling out of control with stress. after 3 years of having our house in chaos because of the big rm being out of commission and crap piled up in various areas of our house and shed and inaccessible for the most part…we are finally seeing […]

hard to focus

this is a stressful week. babyfest is day after tomorrow and i have a ton of things to do still…and stressed over that already…then what did i go and do? i scheduled my son’s appt to have his teeth worked on today. what was i thinking? of course it didn’t go well…its a bad week all around. he wouldn’t even […]

xmas part 2

here’s the rest of our 2008 xmas story…copied/pasted from an IM conversation i had today with my friend beckie…i’m sunflowermom30…i didn’t feel like typing it all again, LOL!!…._______________________________________________[22:15] sunflowermom30: hey, well, ummmm…our ceiling fell down in the big room yesterday, LOL![22:15] beckie_s: OH NO!![22:15] beckie_s: from the rain??[22:15] sunflowermom30: i’ll match your stress and raise you, LOL!!![22:15] sunflowermom30: no, we […]

learning patience

i’ve been working on practicing patience lately. its been just a tiny step so far, but i’m pretty proud of myself and felt i wanted to write about it. i’m not a patient person…never really have been…although i used to be a LOT more patient in regards to other people’s children. teaching, i had an immense amount of patience in […]


ok, things could be worse. i KNOW that people have it worse out there…but i have found that i tend to feel better about bad situations once i vent about them…so here goes… sighDEEP BREATH ok so i mentioned before how adam got a 10% pay cut, right? well, now here’s the thing…its kinda confusing, so bear with me here… […]