Chat with Michael Franti on Mommy Chats 9/7/05

Chat with Michael Franti

“Stay human, you carry the future in your arms and in your bellies.”
–Michael Franti

This is an old transcript from back when I ran a chat website called Mommy Chats (a site that I no longer own), and hosted all sorts of topical chats, including weekly chats sponsored by Mothering Magazine. Mothering was all the rage in the natural parenting community at the time. Sadly, Mothering Magazine no longer exists anymore either…though their online community does.

This is a Mothering Magazine hosted chat with musician Michael Franti, who at the time I had never heard of.  I spent time talking to him on the phone getting him set up ahead of time, as I always do with my guests. Later, when he had a lot of technical difficulties, I ended up talking to him on the phone again, reading him the questions and typing his responses in the chat.

I learned he was a musician and activist, and after interacting with him both on the phone and in this chat, I was pretty impressed with him and decided I needed to check out his music! Of course, I promptly forgot after the chat ended (as I do), and time went by…

Fast forward to years later and I was at a Jamba Juice and a song was blasting that I was REALLY digging. This was before Siri could identify songs, but I had the Shazam app (remember that?) and asked what the song was. It was Michael Franti singing “I’m Alive.”

And I was hooked, kicking myself for not checking out his music back when I first met him! But it’s funny how life comes back around like that, eh?

Michael’s music is powerful…the message, the melodies…and what he has to say below about his life and fatherhood and all he does to try to make the world a better place is pretty awesome as well. We need more people in the world like Michael Franti.

It’s not a homeschool topic, but it’s good music and good people, and I think we can all use more of that! 

Here’s the blurb for this chat:

Mothering Magazine Sponsored Chat with Michael Franti–Visionary musician, filmmaker and human rights worker, Michael Franti brings you the 7th Annual 911 Power to the Peaceful Festival (PTTP) at Speedway Meadow in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Power to the Peaceful has been produced as an annual series of free, outdoor community music and arts festivals since 1999. The PTTP experience blends international musicians, regional and local artists and renowned speakers in a festival atmosphere.  In addition to the main stage, the festival features an open-air art gallery of visual artists, a healing arts tent offering massage and yoga, guerrilla theater, a DJ tent, green commercial vendors (including Mothering magazine) and food booths, an eco village, kid’s zone, bicycle coalition, recycling program and a diverse array of social, environmental and political organizations tabling. Chat with Michael about the festival, his music, the issues of our times, natural parenting or green living. 

20:06:01Webmama_Tinahe made it!
20:06:05Webmama_TinaWELCOME MICHAEL!
20:06:21Webmama_Tinalet me mod you now…that will make you blue like the rest of us mods, :)
20:06:32Webmama_Tinathere ya go, you look nice in blue
20:06:40michaelfrantiHello y’all, thanks for having me here
20:06:41Webmama_Tinaand now you can type longer than the rest as well :)
20:06:48Webmama_Tinalet me start my spiel then…
20:06:59Webmama_Tinaand hopefully more will wander in now…people are often late to chats…
20:07:05Webmama_Tinaok here i go…
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20:07:52Webmama_Tinaok today we are so priviledged to have michael franti…michael why don’t you introduce yourself and tell us your background and expertise?
20:08:04Webmama_Tinaand when you’re done and ready to start taking questions, just let me know
20:08:29Webmama_Tinaceltic angel will be in charge of the queue and will tell you who’s turn it is to ask michael a question :)
20:08:55michaelfrantiI am Michael Franti, a musician,
20:11:21Webmama_Tinamichael is having delays
20:11:48Webmama_Tinai’m going to type for him
20:12:16Webmama_Tina (typing for Michael, who she was on the phone with due to technical difficulties)My name is Michael Franti and I am a musician, activist, and father of 2 boys…
20:12:25Webmama_Tina(he’s on the phone with me)
20:12:37Webmama_Tina/MichaelMy music has been inspired a lot by my parenting
20:12:53Webmama_Tina/Michaeland as I’ve raised 2 children its constantly on my mind the world they live in.
20:13:07Webmama_Tina/MichaelSo my music reflects my concerns about the world, my hopes, dreams for my family.
20:13:19Webmama_Tinaready for the first question!
20:13:24MOD_CelticAngelmama_g is up first
20:13:29mama_ghow do you manage to stay so positive in such grim times?
20:13:57Webmama_Tinamichael says…..
20:14:01Webmama_Tina/MichaelExcellent question!
20:14:08Webmama_Tina/MichaelMusic really feeds my soul.
20:14:17Webmama_Tina/MichaelOn days when I’m feeling stressed out,
20:14:23Webmama_Tina/MichaelI listen to music and I play my guitar.
20:14:29Webmama_Tina/MichaelI also practice yoga.
20:14:42Webmama_Tina/MichaelBut I have a fundamental belief in the power of positive thinking…
20:14:52Webmama_Tina/Michaeland nature always provides us with abundance.
20:15:05Webmama_Tina/MichaelAnd if I’m thinking negative thoughts I get an abundance of negativity,
20:15:28Webmama_Tina/Michaeland if I’m thinking positive thoughts, positive speech, positive actions then I get an abundance of positivity
20:15:37Webmama_Tina(typing for michael…he’s on the phone with me)
20:15:56Webmama_Tinaany more questions?
20:16:15mama_gi had the pleasure of seeing you at Langerado-any chance you’ll come back to S. Fl?
20:16:48rainsmommichael, what do you say to your kids, when catastrophes and other inhumanities happen in the world?
20:16:49Webmama_Tina/MichaelMichael says…Definitely!
20:16:53Webmama_Tina/MichaelComing back in January.
20:17:06Webmama_Tina/MichaelJam Cruise in January…Tour on a boat with a bunch of bands.
20:17:15Webmama_Tina/MichaelAfter that, some shows in FL.
20:17:33intensity_toomay I ask who the speaker is.
20:17:46Webmama_Tinahold on mamas….we’re having to try something different today…
20:17:53Webmama_Tinamichael is having some delays…
20:18:45Webmama_Tinaanswering rainsmom…..
20:19:05Webmama_Tina/MichaelMy oldest son is 18 and my youngest just had his first grade today so I have 2 different age groups to navigate…
20:19:11Webmama_Tina(typing for michael)…
20:19:23Webmama_Tina/MichaelI have never been shy about talking about world issues with kids…with younger one…
20:19:38Webmama_Tina/MichaelI don’t want him to feel the whole world is falling apart.
20:19:43Webmama_Tina/MichaelWe don’t have tv.
20:19:58Webmama_Tina/MichaelSeeing all images over and over of catastrophes isn’t happening.
20:20:04Webmama_Tina/MichaelI talked with him yesterday…
20:20:15Webmama_Tina/MichaelI listened to what he had to say…he was concerned…
20:20:20Webmama_Tina/MichaelHe wanted to know where the flooding was happening,
20:20:27Webmama_Tina/MichaelWhat was happening with people who lost their homes…
20:20:31Webmama_Tina/MichaelI explained best I could.
20:20:38Webmama_Tina/MichaelI talked about what we were doing as a family and as a band.
20:20:45Webmama_Tina/MichaelThe band collecting money last 4 nites at shows
20:20:52Webmama_Tina/MichaelHe wanted to help count money
20:20:58Webmama_Tina/Michaelmade him feel like he’s helping.
20:21:05Webmama_Tina/MichaelOlder son…
20:21:11Webmama_Tina/MichaelHe’s very political and worries a lot.
20:21:28Webmama_Tina/MichaelWith him I kind of let him vent a little about what’s happening with the slowness of the government to respond to the crisis.
20:21:31Webmama_Tina/MichaelAnd more listen.

20:21:59Webmama_TinaMichael Franti is the speaker and is on the phone with webmama tina…
20:24:29Webmama_Tinaok throw out your question marks mamas…beckie can you keep track
20:24:37Mod_beckieI can do my best ;)
20:24:51Webmama_Tinaok post your question marks please and we’ll let you know who’s next
20:24:56Webmama_Tinahe’s ready for another question
20:25:13Webmama_Tinago for it bookchambers
20:25:17Webmama_Tinawhat’s your question?
20:25:18Mod_beckiebookchambers you can go first :)
20:25:24Mod_beckiesorry, a bit slow
20:26:37bookchambersI want to know all about the Power to the Peaceful festival. Has the focus changed with the Hurricane disaster?
20:26:48Webmama_Tinamichael says—
20:27:07Webmama_Tina/MichaelThe hurricane disaster has underscored many of the points we’ve been trying to make in the festival for a long time.
20:27:30Webmama_Tina/MichaelThe biggest point is why are we spending all this money bombing other countries and neglecting what’s happening at home.
20:27:41Webmama_Tina/MichaelBut it also brings up the issue of global warming,
20:28:36Webmama_Tina/Michaelthe idea that if we really want to bring peace and safety to the world, that perhaps we should be reaching out to help the poorest among our nation and the poorest around the world…
20:28:51Webmama_Tina/Michaelrather than pointing our guns into the homes of people around the world…
20:28:57Webmama_Tina/Michaelpeople in our cities…

20:29:09Webmama_Tinait worked!
20:29:26Webmama_Tinacomputers, don’t ya love em
20:29:32frantiThis year at the festival
20:29:38frantiwe will also be collecting food
20:29:57Webmama_Tinaok that’s michael now :)
20:29:59frantiand money for hurricane relief
20:30:12frantiso far at our last four shows we’ve collected ten thousand dollars
20:30:17frantifrom our audience
20:30:42frantiany other questions?
20:30:53Webmama_Tinaok i’ve turned the reins over to michael who is now “franti”
20:30:54Mod_beckieplacenta is next :).
20:31:00Webmama_Tinathey got their computer working now! woohoo!
20:31:07frantiwhooo hoooo this is fun!
20:31:07Webmama_Tinaplacenta, go for it
20:31:09placentafirst of all, much respect to you michael, very honored. i believe part of the solution to ALL problems is that we need to empower mothers! the world needs mama wisdom, energy, and we need mothers to unite to liberate all the world’s children
20:31:26frantiI totally agree
20:31:43placenta(oops sorry i’m not used to the space constraint) – so how in your world of music and activism (my world too) do you try to empower mothers?
20:31:48Webmama_Tinamichael i’m going to boot off the other login that doesn’t work so it doesn’t confuse people :)
20:31:52Webmama_Tinadon’t be offended. :)
20:31:58frantino problem

20:32:01Webmama_Tinathere we go :)
20:32:09frantiI try to create a safe space
20:32:11frantifor everyone
20:32:17frantito express their emotions freely
20:32:24frantiwhen I first started writing songs
20:32:32frantiall my lyrics were from a place of anger
20:32:40frantiand as I started to address a wider range of issues
20:32:47frantiI began to see the importance
20:32:57frantiof expressing a full rainbow of human emotion
20:33:26frantipart of that is being able to express my own nurturing energy
20:33:59frantiin doing that I hope that mothers can find inspiration in my songs and lyrics.
20:34:27mamamarlenhi we’re just joining in… big fans of your music and message and energy…
20:34:41mamamarlenwe sure do find inspiratoin and courage in your music
20:34:41placentatruth! do you think there is a place for the songs and lyrics of mothers also? the industry is so discouraging…
20:34:43frantithank you! welcome
20:34:49Webmama_Tinamamamarlen glad you could make it….
20:34:52Webmama_Tinawe are taking turns…
20:34:57Webmama_TinaFriendly Reminder: Please do not post unless it is your turn to ask a question. If you have a question, please post a single ?” and you’ll be added to the queue. Have your question ready when your name is called. THANKYOU! :)”
20:35:18frantiI would love to answer that question
20:35:21Webmama_Tinabeckie is our queukeeper and will let ya know when its your turn
20:35:52frantiplacenta, there is a place for women
20:35:55frantiin the music industry
20:36:04Webmama_Tinano worries michael :) we just try to keep it orderly since it can get crazy hectic in these chats sometimes otherwise… :)
20:36:08frantiunfortunately, the corporate merging of all the labels
20:36:17frantihas left smaller and smaller space
20:36:26frantifor any artist who speaks from their heart
20:36:39frantiand the roles of women in popular music have
20:36:49frantibeen reduced even further to
20:37:01frantiadolescent sexual stereotypes
20:37:13frantiand it’s harder and harder each year
20:37:46frantifor new Ani DiFrancos, or Patti Smiths
20:37:53frantito enter into music.
20:37:55Webmama_Tinaindia arie :)
20:38:08frantiI just did a show with her – she’s awesome!
20:38:22Webmama_TinaLOOOVE her!
20:38:30frantiMe too!
20:38:41frantiNext question?

20:38:46Webmama_Tinawho’s next beck?
20:39:00Mod_beckiemama_g is up!
20:39:02mama_gCould you tell us a little about your trip to Iraq last year and how that trip shaped your views on the war? and will you be at the peace march in dc
20:39:28frantiMy trip to Iraq changed not only my views about the war
20:39:32frantibut about my whole life
20:39:46frantithe first thing I saw was the devastation
20:39:52frantiof Iraqi home life
20:39:59frantino food, no water, unemployment
20:40:06frantiguns in people’s faces every day
20:40:13frantichildren who lost limbs
20:40:20frantithe second thing I saw
20:40:29frantiwas the stress of US soldiers
20:40:44frantiand our young men and women who are over there
20:40:58frantiare under unbelievable pressure
20:41:06frantithey’re trying to fight a war
20:41:12frantithat can’t be won.
20:41:21frantibecause it’s a war for the hearts and minds
20:41:27frantiof Iraqi civilians.
20:41:35frantiand you can’t win that war with a gun
20:42:08frantiEverywhere I went I played music for people
20:42:32frantiand I saw people who were so resilient even after their homes had been destroyed
20:42:40frantithey were still willing to welcome me in their house
20:42:51frantiand feed me, smile, laugh and dance.
20:43:01Mod_beckiemamamarlen is next :)
20:43:08Webmama_Tinaif you have a question for michael, just throw out a single question mark and beckie will let ya know when its your turn :)
20:44:17Mod_beckiemamamarlen, are you ready?
20:44:37Mod_beckieOkay, I’ll add her to the end :)
20:44:49Mod_beckiebookchambers, go ahead :)
20:44:59bookchambersMichael, I saw you in the Mothers Acting Up calendar
20:45:11frantiI was in a calendar?!?!
20:45:18bookchambershow did you get involved with them?
20:45:31frantiI had no idea I was in a calendar
20:45:47mamamarlenok to jump in now?
20:46:01Mod_beckieas soon as bookchambers is done, you can go mamamarlen
20:46:30frantiWas I clothed in the calendar?
20:46:49rainsmomthat was my question……was he clothed?
20:47:02Webmama_TinaLOL rainsmom
20:47:08bookchambersYou can find it on Yes, he was clothed.
20:47:25frantiThank God I had clothes on!
20:48:08frantiha ha
20:49:15Webmama_Tinalol bookchambers did you have a question for michael?
20:49:44Webmama_TinaFriendly Reminder: Please do not post unless it is your turn to ask a question. If you have a question, please post a single ?” and you’ll be added to the queue. Have your question ready when your name is called. THANKYOU! :)”
20:50:00Mod_beckieokay, if bookchambers is finished, then mamamarlen can go :)

20:51:01mamamarlenSo I was wondering, Michael, first–are you a dad, and second, iff you could send out any advice or message to expectant first-time parents like me and my sweetie, what would that be?
20:51:22frantiyes I’m a Dad of two boys…
20:51:33frantione is eighteen and one is six years old
20:51:41mamamarlenours is due in Feb
20:51:57frantiwelcome to the brotherhood and sisterhood of motherhood and fatherhood!
20:52:08frantiEach year that has gone by,
20:52:30frantiof my boy’s lives, I have relived that time in my own life
20:52:44frantiwhen my older son was 12,
20:52:57Mod_beckieUpcoming Chatters: Rainsmom, Allieoop, Placenta
20:52:59frantiit was very hard for me re-living my own twelfth year
20:53:12frantithe only advice I can give…
20:53:24frantiis to follow your heart, remain playful and laugh a lot.
20:53:53frantiThis week I sent my eldest son to college
20:53:59frantiand my youngest to first grade.
20:54:06frantiit was verrrry emotional
20:54:25frantiA lot of tears and a little bit of relief.
20:54:28Webmama_Tina6 min left in the chat!
20:54:37frantinext question?
20:54:46mamamarlen:Dthanks… we like this!
20:54:53frantiwe can go over another 15 minutes
20:55:27mamamarlenthose are some big milestones for all of you… I wish you all well.
20:55:35mamamarlenthanks for your thoughts
20:55:41frantithank you mamamarlen
20:55:55frantigood luck with your new baby
20:56:01Mod_beckieyour next
20:56:05Mod_beckiesorry, toddler troubles, LOL
20:56:07mamamarlenwe’ll need a bit of that too!
20:56:16Webmama_Tinaok thanks michael!
20:56:25mamamarlenwe’re all set….
20:56:28franti:D :D
20:56:47Mod_beckieUpcoming Chatters: Allieoop, Placenta, mama_g, BunintheOvenZmom
20:57:05Mod_beckierainsmom, do you have your question ready?
20:57:05rainsmomMichael….Ive been lovin your music since seeing you many times in the bay area……what are your plans for a new cd?
20:57:25frantiI have just finished a film about my time in Iraq, Israel and Palestine
20:57:34frantiit is called ‘I know I’m not alone’
20:57:46frantiand in October I’ll be finishing an album of songs…
20:57:55frantithat is based on my experiences in the middle east.
20:58:02rainsmomwhere can we see the film?
20:58:05frantiit will be out in the springtime.
20:58:22frantigo to for film screenings and festivals
20:58:40frantiit will also be available on DVD in November.
20:58:59frantiIt is a very emotional and inspiring documentary.
20:59:17frantiI also have a new album called ‘Love Kamakaze’,
20:59:29frantiwhich is a compilation of songs about love and sex.
20:59:38frantithat I wrote over the last seven years
20:59:53frantibut didn’t put on any other albums.
20:59:59frantiIt is a great chill out album.
21:00:11frantiyou can find it on our website
21:00:16rainsmomsounds great! is it acoustic? I loved your last acoustic record!!
21:00:34bookchambersme too!
21:00:42frantisome acoustic, but mainly a sexy, bass heavy soulful album
21:00:52frantiI am making another acoustic album this winter
21:00:55placentabass!!! :)
21:01:23rainsmommmmmmmm…….same band as before? guest artists
21:01:39frantisame band, yes.
21:01:55mama_gwhat music do you listen to?
21:02:42frantibob marley,
21:02:53frantimarvin gaye, willie nelson, sly stone
21:02:59frantilots of old reggae
21:03:12frantiand lots of people’s demo tapes that i get handed on tour

21:03:23Mod_beckieGuys, can we get back to the queue? If rainsmom is finished, then it’s plaenta’s turn, and she has waited nicely
21:03:37Mod_beckieI hate to be mod, but it is my title ;)
21:03:47rainsmompeace michael.thanks for your consious music! we need it!
21:03:56frantithank you rainsmom
21:04:19Mod_beckieOkay, Placenta! Your turn :)
21:04:36frantiHi Placenta
21:04:39placentathanks! now speaking of demo tapes… no, no, i’m trying to be good
21:04:45placentaso here’s my questin
21:05:28placentahow did you manage all this time to balance being on the road and parenting? nannies? help from relatives? how on earth is it supposed to work?
21:06:47frantiit’s difficult…
21:06:55frantiit’s the hardest part of my job –
21:07:05frantithere are many times where I feel like
21:07:25frantiI should be at home – we have help from relatives
21:07:36frantibut there is nothing that can replace looking into the eyes of your child
21:07:37Mod_beckieUpcoming Chatters: mama_g, BunintheOvenZmom
21:07:49frantione thing that I’ve tried to do is always make music
21:07:58frantithat my children can be proud of
21:08:15frantiso at least when they say, what were you doing when you were gone
21:08:34frantiI’m able to tell them about my music and my work and feel good about it.
21:08:57frantiBoth of my kids have spent alot of time on the road with me.
21:09:03frantiMy youngest loves the tour bus.
21:09:05Mod_beckieUpcoming Chatters: *CORRECTION* Allieoop, mama_g, BunintheOvenZmom
21:09:28frantiNow that school has started, it’s tough for him to travel with me.
21:10:04Mod_beckieAllieoop, your up, sorry I missed oyu
21:10:07allieoopThanks for your beauty and inspiration. You make me smile! I will be seeing your film at leaf festival is it kid friendly my son is 5
21:10:10placentathanks i totally feel you. hope i get to the tourbus stage,
21:10:44frantiyes, the film is kid friendly but it’s also something that you’ll want to talk about with your children
21:10:56frantiit’s a film about the human cost of war.
21:10:56Mod_beckieUpcoming Chatters: mama_g, BunintheOvenZmom
21:11:09allieoopHe is calling now to be snuggeled down so I must go but I thank you and look forward
21:11:26allieoopto seeing you in October shine on!
21:11:26frantiGood night allieoop, give him a squeeze for me
21:11:41Mod_beckiemama_g, your up!
21:11:43mama_gwhat advice do you have for progressives? how do we keep the faith when it seems they are winning all the time?
21:11:45BunintheovenZmomis it the leaf festival in asheville NC?
21:12:17frantimama_g, I believe in the power of positive thinking
21:12:39frantiI know that the path of peace, sustainability
21:12:47frantiand love is the right path.
21:12:56frantijust because they are winning,
21:13:01frantidoesn’t mean that they are right.
21:13:29frantiThe catastrophe in New Orleans
21:13:41frantiunderscores the point of how misdirected
21:13:49frantiour government is at the moment.
21:14:04frantiif there is an up-side,
21:14:14frantito hurricane Katrina, it is that
21:14:31frantishe is waking up millions of Americans and asking us all,
21:14:36frantito question our priorities.
21:15:28frantiwho’s next?
21:15:44frantibun you’ve been waiting a long time!
21:15:46Mod_beckieyep, go ahead bun!
21:15:50BunintheovenZmomhow old are you
21:15:57franti39 years young
21:16:09BunintheovenZmomhow old were you when you had your kids
21:16:22franti21 and 33
21:16:39frantihow young are you?
21:16:55BunintheovenZmomdo you have any advice for me on parenting? do you believe in god?
21:17:00BunintheovenZmomi am 20
21:17:01Webmama_Tinawe are now at the end of the chat….
21:17:15frantiI’ll answer this last one
21:17:30frantiI do believe in god, I believe in one-ness
21:17:32Webmama_Tinaokey dokey, that was my next question. :)
21:17:43mama_gpeace michael-you’ve gotten me through many a day. much thanks.
21:17:43Webmama_Tinajust pointing out the time. :)
21:18:04frantithat every human, every animal, every plant, every stone…
21:18:11frantiare all one being.
21:18:12BunintheovenZmomi have a 2 1/2 year old boy and one on the way
21:18:20frantiwe are all manifestations of god
21:18:30frantiand the best way that we can love god
21:18:37frantiis to love ourselves and to love each other.
21:19:15frantiBeing a father has made my faith stronger.
21:19:19BunintheovenZmomwell for the very first time i am living with my family alot of them and i love it
21:19:41BunintheovenZmomwe all love each other and help each other through alot of stuff
21:19:44frantithat’s awesome –
21:19:58BunintheovenZmomwe have 6 adults and 6 kids al;l living together
21:20:03BunintheovenZmombut it is awesome
21:20:13frantiI don’t know what the meaning of life is,
21:20:25frantibut I know that we have an opportunity in life
21:20:35frantiand that is we have an entire lifetime
21:20:41frantito learn to better relate to one another.
21:20:46BunintheovenZmomlife is so full and so awesome
21:20:51frantisounds like you’re doing that, bun!
21:21:02BunintheovenZmomthere is so much to live for every day that i wake up
21:21:02frantiAlright, good night y’all
21:21:07frantithis was really fun for me
21:21:09mama_gthank you!!!
21:21:12Webmama_Tinathank you SOOOO much michael!!
21:21:20Webmama_Tinatranscripts will be up by sunday
21:21:22frantiand I feel grateful to have been welcomed into this chat
21:21:34rainsmomwe love you!
21:21:39Webmama_Tinamichael i really appreciate it…even with the difficulties you hung in there!
21:21:50Webmama_Tinai am seriously going to check out your music now…
21:22:08mama_ggasp-you’ve not heard his music before???
21:22:12BunintheovenZmomdon’t know who you are but you seem really cool nice talking to you
21:22:12frantiI hope it was worth all your time, thanks for spending it with me
21:22:12Webmama_Tinayou have a good nite with your family and thanks again!
21:22:19BunintheovenZmombe safe
21:22:24BunintheovenZmomhave fun
21:22:31Webmama_Tinayeah mama_g i don’t know what rock i was living under, LOL!!!
21:22:44BunintheovenZmomcherish life and everyone in it
21:22:44frantistay human, you carry the future in your arms and in your bellies
21:22:51franti:) :)
21:22:53BunintheovenZmomespecially your kids
21:23:02frantipeace out
21:23:13Webmama_Tinagroovy :)
21:23:30Mod_beckieg’night all, I have a toddler to tend to!
21:23:31Webmama_Tinai’ll have to come to the festival in san fran sometime…i’m in fresno :) night all!
21:23:38mama_gpeace-thanks for all the times you’ve gotten me through the day.

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