Bubble Recipes

I got these off a website that has since disappeared. I haven’t tried any of them yet but once I do I’ll start deleting the bad recipes and making notes about the good ones. If you try any, leave a comment below to let us know how it went!

Jane’s favorite
2 C Dawn
4 oz glycerin
Enough water to fill jug.

Place Dawn and glycerin in 1 gal container add enough water to fill. Let sit at least overnight.

Joyful bubbles
2 C Joy
6 C water
¾ C Karo syrup

Mix together, let set over night

Preschool bubbles
1 C Dawn
10-12 C water
1 T glycerin

Mix as above

Long Last Bubbles
1 oz Dawn
1 Oz Glycerin
1 C water

This mixture can be used at once. It is very thick

From the Home Childcare providers
1 C water
2 T Karo syrup
4 T Dishwashing liquid

Professor Bubbles
1 C Regular Joy
10 C water
¼ C glycerin

Desperation Bubbles
½ C warm water
½ C liquid detergent
1 T cooking oil

Stir together and use.
Although these are not the very best bubbles they can be made from things found in any kitchen.

Sugar Bubbles
4 C hot water
10 T white sugar
¾ C Dawn or Joy

Combine hot water and sugar, gently stir in soap.

A variation on a theme
1 C Joy Dawn or Ajax
1 gal water
1 T glycerin

Mix together and let settle before using.

Tears no more Bubbles
¼ C Baby shampoo
¾ C water
3 T corn syrup

Mix together let set a few hours.

Ultra Bubbles
1 C Ultra Joy or Dawn
15 C water
¼ C Glycerin

Super Bubbles
2 parts Dawn
4 parts glycerin
1 part corn syrup.

I have never tried this. It is supposed to be for very long last bubbles 
(Like for days)

Long Lasting Bubbles
1/3 C commercial bubbles
1/3 C water
1/3 C liquid soap.

A simple solution
8 T dish soap
1 Quart water

1. If bubbles pop easily or solution does not work well, add more water.
2. Dawn and Joy seem to be the best choices for bubbles. It is the antigrease agent.
3. Bubbles work best on an overcast day.
4. Bubbles love moisture so right after a rain also works well.
5. To catch a bubble just get your hand wet.

Bubble Recipe
2/3 cup Dawn dishwashing liquid (any dishwashing liquid could be used, but Dawn apparently is the best for this purpose!)
Add enough water to make 1 gallon.
Add Childcare tablespoon of glycerin.
Let sit open overcast day…it gets stronger with age

Beluga Bubbles
1 Cup Warm Water; 1/4 Cup Blue Dishwashing Liquid; 1 tsp. Salt

Combine all ingredients. Mix well until salt dissolves.

Bubble Recipe I
2 Cups Joy or Dawn (dishwashing soap); 6 Cups Warm water; 3/4 Cup White Karo corn syrup

For best results: combine and shake. Let settle for 4 hours (the longer the better!) This is sit bubble soap for those big wands you wave around.

Bubble Recipe II
1/2 Cup Water; 1/2 Cup Liquid Detergent; 1 Tbsp. Cooking Oil

Mix together and use.

Bubble Stuff
1 Part Dishwashing detergent; 1 Part Sugar, Gelatin powder, or Glycerin; 8 to 10 Parts Warm water

Mix all gently (making suds will weaken mixture). The sugar or gelatin is added to make bubbles sturdier.

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