String Ornaments

This is an activity that I found out of a book a long time ago, and its very fun and so easy to do, even for the littlest kiddos! These make great Christmas tree ornaments, but can be used for most any holiday decoration or even just a non-holiday room decoration! Great to give as gifts!

Supplies Needed:

  • string or yarn
  • white glue
  • cups (I use old yogurt cups washed out)
  • water
  • food coloring or liquid watercolors (optional)
  • glitter
  • wax paper
  • something to hang the ornament with later, like gold elastic or paper clips

What To Do:

This is a super easy project, though it is a messy one, so you will want to have on hand either a sink or a tub of warm water and wet rags to wash fingers/hands as you go.

Pour some glue into cups and add color to it if desired (either food coloring or liquid water color), in separate cups so that you have a variety to choose from.

Lay out a piece of wax paper for each child to work on…a good sized piece is nice because they can do multiple ornaments on it. (Tape it down if it rolls).

Allow children to cut different lengths of yarn or string and submerge the pieces into the glue color of their choice, then lay in shapes on the wax paper. Using multiple colors on the same ornaments is really pretty! (But let the kids decide how they want to do it themselves.) Any glue that fills in spaces will dry with a stained glass kind of look!

When ornaments are in the desired shape, kids can sprinkle glitter over them (a container with just one nail hole poked into it works great to not have too much glitter wasted…I don’t use the glitter containers with multiple holes, it just makes a huge mess with little kids.)

Once the ornaments are dry (about a day or so), peel them off the wax paper and tie a piece of string (I use gold elastic) through one of the holes (if no holes, poke one) and hang!!

These are really fun and neat looking and even toddlers are capable of making neat shapes with the string! The glue dries pretty hard, so the ornament keeps its shape well and looks really neat when there’s glitter on it as well!

IDEAS: Cover a Christmas tree with homemade ornaments! Make mobiles or hanging ornaments for windows! The possibilities are endless! Have fun!!

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