BOOK REVIEW: Chrestomanci series Pt. 2


I started talking about this series in April, when we first discovered it and started reading the first volume (which included 2 of the books: “Charmed Life” and “The Lives of Christopher Chant”). At that point, I was intrigued and had just started enjoying this series…Now we have worked our way through 5 of this series and are halfway through a 6th.

At this point I can honestly say WOW! This is an AWESOME SERIES!!!

I am not planning on reviewing all of the books in this series individually, as I think its enough to say they are ALL GOOD! Right now we are working on “The Pinhoe Egg”, finally. (That was the first book that I found on the library shelf that introduced me to the entire series, and we have finally gotten to it.) This one jumps right into an interesting plot where some of the others took some time to get to the exciting parts…Some did drag at times in the beginning, but hang in there. It’s truly worth sticking it out.

Stay tuned for more on this fantastic series in the coming week…

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