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    1. Yup! I’m currently working hard on cleaning up season 26 in preparation for season 27. By going back through what I created for season 26, I’m reminding myself what I did before and coming up with new ideas for season 27…gearing up for bigger and better things for this next season! Stay tuned for the announcement that season 27 is ready for sale! I will be posting it on the Facebook page when it’s ready!

  1. Hi I am wanting to file a private affidavit for homeschooling my daughter whos in 6th grade is not enjoying k12 that the local public school system offered. I want to get her out as quickly as I can. I homeschooled 3 of my other daughters for 5 years in elementary school so I am very passionate about curriculum I am just unsure how to successfully withdraw from the public school system. I know Ineed to file the affidavit but wondered if I need to join the Homeschool Defense League. Would love any advice

  2. Really appreciate your article detailing the steps for filing an affidavit for a private home school. :) Thank you, Tina!!!

  3. Hello! I just wanted to make sure I’m understanding something correctly-fist time mom/homeschooler. My daughter is 5 and won’t be 6 until late March of 2022. I don’t necessarily need to file the affidavit until October of 2022, correct?
    I have an unexpected new baby in the oven atm figured whatever I can keep off my plate, the better whilst adjusting to a new chapter in life.

  4. Am I correct in saying that if my child only turns 5 in October I can still start him on kindergarten in August/September I decide the semesters?

    1. Kinder is optional in CA. Compulsory education doesn’t start until the year the child turn 6yrs old by Sept 1. So this year you do not need to officially enroll them anywhere…but you are always welcome to educate them at home however you like, whenever you like. Legally you do not need to start yet though.

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