Coronavirus Force you to Homeschool? Need Help?

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I imagine you are probably pretty overwhelmed right now. 

It’s a scary time already with this pandemic…Then add to that, many of us were already financially struggling and this situation is just making things much worse…and now public school parents are also being thrust into a world of educating their children at home without any choice or preparation…A role that those of us who made the CHOICE to homeschool put a LOT of time, research and preparation into before we dove in, willingly! 

It’s scary and hard and completely overwhelming!!

I hear you. I can imagine how you must be feeling. I know how hard it is for ME, as a 14 year veteran of homeschooling 2 kids that I CHOSE and PREPARED to homeschool!

Let me first start with a BIG OLE VIRTUAL HUG for you.
Because I think you probably need it.

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And let me also tell you to HANG IN THERE. You can do this.

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You WILL get through this. Just take it ONE DAY AT A TIME.

And now I am going to give you some tips (in no particular order) to help you out. But just know that YOU. CAN. DO. THIS. And you and your children can come out of this on the other side with a stronger relationship and not a damaged one. That’s the goal here, ok?

Here’s tip number one…and THE most important one: 

#1: When things aren’t working, DITCH THE PLAN and just CONNECT WITH YOUR KIDS.

Nothing is worth damaging your relationship with your children. 

Let me repeat that: NOTHING is worth damaging your relationship with your children!  

And IF you are struggling, and they are struggling….IF you are bonking heads and they are fighting you:


If there are any number of the following:

  • Tears
  • Angry words
  • Hurt feelings
  • Extreme frustration
  • Severe confusion

There. is. NO. learning. happening.

Trust us homeschoolers when we say this. We’ve learned the hard way!

No one can learn in that kind of environment, so DON’T PUSH THROUGH THAT, It’s a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY.

And even worse:
It could damage your relationship with your child.

So just stop.
Try again in an hour, or tomorrow (or next week!) with a clear head and happier attitudes all around.

#2: If it’s possible, just take this time to PLAY:

All of the above can be educational, but more importantly, this time could be a bonding time for your family instead of a stressful time, if you allow it.

Reconnect. Make this a special time and don’t even worry about formal homeschooling, if you are able to. 

#3: If you have the need to have a more structured learning time, consider doing some of these creative and fun learning ideas…

These ideas are almost entirely created and shared by homeschooling families, designed to make learning come ALIVE by providing a different take on learning. Many of us homeschoolers have gotten very creative with learning! We thrive on making learning interesting and fun!

Honestly, if you have a kid that is super into something, just Google that thing and put “homeschool” in the search and I bet you can find a homeschool blog somewhere with ideas!

  • Experience-Based Learning: This is a system I came up with awhile back that is based on kids learning around experiences vs academic subjects. You have stations but instead of subject-based stations, you have experience-based ones…so you have a “Watch Something” station and a “Read Something” station, and so on…6 in all: Read, Write, Watch, Listen, Play, Create. And then I do add a math station, though later I changed the name to “Solve Something” (but I do personally use a math curriculum for this.) Check out the link above to learn more about this fun system.
    Subscribe to my email list to get word when my posts come out because I plan to do an update on my EBL post soon that will offer a simplified version of the system for distance learners and isolation schooling.
  • Homeschooling with the Amazing Race: My family and I are super into the CBS reality tv show “The Amazing Race” as a family. As we homeschoolers do, I wanted to find a way to make it even more of a learning experience. So I created a fun, interactive Country Report for my kids to do to learn about the countries the racers race through in between episodes.
    I then took things further and started creating online courses to sell to other families with lots of great activities based around my Experience-Based Learning system. I created courses for seasons 26 and 27 and then later I decided to move them to a new website, so they are not currently available on my new website yet.
    During our “shelter in” time, I am working furiously to get these moved over (and doing a LOT of improvements as I move things) and share them with others. So stay tuned to Tina’s Learning Adventures (Facebook page) for when those are up for sale!
  • Traveling Through History with Doctor Who: also check out the Facebook group by the same woman that created these lessons, and my Pinterest board where I’ve compiled more resources on homeschooling with Doctor Who. This is a fantastic way to learn history for all of us Whovians out there!
  • Homeschooling with Star Trek: Check out my Pinterest board full of great webpages about this! A fun way to fit some learning in for us Trekkies (or “Trekkers”, whichever term you prefer.)
  • Homeschooling with Star Wars: Check out my Pinterest board full of great webpages about this! Fabulous learning ideas for us Star Wars fans!
  • Indy in the Classroom: This is a website that is full of learning ideas and resources using the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones series. This series is only available on DVD currently. There are 3 volumes (box sets) total: The Early Years, The War Years, The Years of Change. Here is the list of all the episodes’ and their historical figures.
  • Magic Schoolbus: Scholastic has lesson plans for some of these awesome books. There is also these lesson plans for K-2nd created by a homeschool mom that use the video series. If you Google, I bet you can find even more.
  • Carmen Sandiego: The new Netflix series has a whole website jam-packed full of educational resources!
  • Gameschooling: Learning through GAMES! This is a huge topic on the homeschool communities all over! There are entire Facebook communities for it! I recommend this one: Gameschooling (Teaching with Games). Here’s the website of the homeschool mom that runs it: Homeschool Gameschool. If you Google, you’ll find a ton of more sites, articles and info. It’s a very popular topic. There’s even an entire Game Curriculum.

#4: Find existing online learning environments to tap into.

(Again, if you need structured learning)…There are tons of these online learning environments. Some are free, some are not. Your school may have already given you a subscription to some. Below are just a few that I know of…there are TONS online.

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More soon! Leave a comment below and let me know what your experience is with the resources above!

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