Day 1 of The Great Summer Purge and Clean: The Kitchen

20130604-085256.jpgThis week’s zone:
The Dreaded Kitchen
(The worst room in our house, as well as the most important room, and hence, must be tackled first!)


When I planned out this room, I started from one area and worked my way around, for the most part. I did start with a simple area, though, because the first day coincided with a day we were helping my mother-in-law move into a new apartment, so I knew I’d have limited time.


As you can see in the pic of my notes, to the left, I plan to do the cupboards on the wall that I am working on that day. My plan is to pull everything out and purge as much as possible, then wipe the cupboards completely and put everything back into the cupboards, reorganizing as I go.


This first day, I worked only on the sink and dishwasher. We have a portable dishwasher that gets absolutely covered in clutter constantly. I Newly cleaned dishwasher, The Great Summer Purge and Clean, HomeschoolRealm.comhadn’t yet thought of taking before pics, so I don’t have one, but here’s an after pic of the dishwasher:


Not only did I clean off the top, I also wiped all the sides and even the inside of the door, which was quite grimey! Got it all shiney looking inside and out! Pretty proud of the results!


The sink… I didn’t put as much work into since it’s constantly being cleaned. I cleared it out and it quickly filled up again, since the dishes are still all over the place (haven’t gotten to the counters yet). But I’m working on keeping it cleared out more than I did before. And once I get all the way through my dishes, I will really focus on keeping that area empty and clean!


First day a success, and I’m raring to go for Day 2!!


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