Do the easy or small stuff first!!

While getting started on my fridge, I’m thinking thinking thinking (despite the podcast playing in my ears…seriously, my brain never shuts off!), and I wanted to share for those that haven’t thought of this. DO THE EASY STUFF FIRST!!

When I was a kid, I wanted to do the hard stuff first so that I could get it over with first, but as an adult I realized I had it backward. Because often I would lose steam, not finish the hard thing, and have very little to show for my time and effort.

So I’ve come to realize you should instead do the EASY stuff first! Get it done, out of the way, and you’ll quickly have something to look at to be proud of, no matter how little it is…it can give you the energy to keep going.

So do the easy stuff, or smaller stuff, first.

Today, for me, that means I’m starting with my freezer because it’s smaller. And in the freezer, I’m starting with the door. Look! It’s empty!


Now I’m off to clean that door and refill it and move on to the main freezer and keep going from there.


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