Country Report

*This product was updated 4/29/19* — Some new pages added as well as some improvements.

This is a file that I created for my children to learn more about the countries the racers race through in the CBS reality tv show “The Amazing Race,” and also to go along with my online Amazing Race courses. (PLEASE NOTE: You do NOT need to purchase this file if you are paying for an Amazing Race course on Tina’s Learning Adventures…this file is included in your purchase!!)

But you don’t have to use this Country Report just for Amazing Race! You can use it with your own country study as well!

This Country Report is available for just $6 and has 11 pages of printable worksheet content!

It also contains extra pages with activity and resource suggestions to help enhance the report, including a password-protected webpage full of even more resources exclusive to purchasers of this report!

The 11 worksheet pages contain pages such as:

  1. World map–for locating and labeling the country you are studying.
  2. Country comparison page–to compare your country to the country you are studying.
  3. Flag page–to draw or glue the flag of the country you are studying.
  4. Money Page–to explore the currency of the country you are studying.
  5. Language page–to explore the national language of the country you are studying.
  6. Animals page–to explore the indigenous animals of the country you are studying.

And all have links to webpages to help children find the necessary info.

Here are some sample pages:


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