DVD–Grass: A Nation’s Battle for Life


I’m not sure what made me think of this movie tonight, several years after watching it (and thinking about ordering it again because it was soooo good!)…but I just had to share it here tonight while I was thinking about it!

A while back I went on a search for documentaries on nomads when my daughter and I started the “Story of the World” series, (volume 1, ancient world, which talks about nomads at the beginning of the book)…I found this absolutely fascinating silent black and white documentary from 1925. It keeps changing where it’s available to watch online, but for now, you can find it here.

You can also buy the DVD on Amazon.

I HIGHLY recommend this video! It’s a fascinating look at the Bakhtiari tribe of Persia (now Iran) in their 48-day trek with 50,000 people and 500,000 animals from one pasture to another (I forget if they went from summer to winter or winter to summer).  Over rough terrain including snow-capped mountains and a half-mile wide river (Many of these people were barefoot!), this movie is incredibly moving and awe-inspiring. Even my young daughter (who was maybe 6 at the time) found it fascinating. A bit slow at times, but overall just fascinating!

If you are looking for a factual representation of what it means to be a nomad, check this one out!

There is also another movie made 50 years later that I also HIGHLY recommend, follow the same tribe of people: People of the Wind.

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