Egg Dying today

We had a lot of fun today dying Easter eggs. Wasn’t really planned…we went to our Nature Kids class at The Discovery Center…this is a preschool science class we do every week for Tyren…and they were dying eggs and then did an egg hunt. (Also stories about eggs and animals that lay eggs.)

They had some cute egg dying kits…one that had glitter and another that you glued pieces of foil on the eggs. They only got to do 2 eggs each child, though…So of course I realized that it would be really fun to do egg dying at our friends’ house today…we go to the Hudson/Renzi house on Wednesdays to play for a few hours.

So I called Jen to make sure that she was ok with the idea…and she was, so we went in search of the glitter and foil egg dying kits. Didn’t find the foil one, but we did get the glitter one!

Our friends hard boiled 3 dozen eggs and we brought a few egg dying kits (the glitter one, and a tie dye and a regular dye kit and a marble kit that looked just like the tie dye but Tyr just had to have and we didn’t even end up using.) And the kids had a great time dying eggs!

Today we got to play with and dye eggs with: Thor, Thea, Clem, and Emma! Very fun! Then us moms hid the eggs and the kids got to hunt for them. Very VERY fun! :)  Jen even bought a bunch of confetti eggs so the kids loved finding them and immediately cracking them on each other’s heads, LOL!

Unfortunately I didn’t plan ahead and so I didn’t have a camera. But Jen and Lex took pics, so I’ll have to get them to send some to me so I can post them later.

It was a very fun time! And I got to socialize with my friends while the kids played! :)

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