Experience-Based Learning is now a “Thing”!!

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A(null) lot has happened since I posted about my Experience-Based Learning (“EBL”) idea…The biggest being that I had so much interest that I decided to create a Facebook group! So here it is:

Homeschooling with Experience-Based Learning Facebook Group

Check it out! We now have 190 members, as of the writing of this! And new members trickling in every day!

The most exciting part, though, has been how active this group is! I’ve started, and run, many online groups…it’s often a struggle to get conversations going and continuing regularly. Not on this group! These moms are excited about this new idea and are RUNNING with it!!

Not only that, but they are tweaking the idea to fit their needs! Which is fantastic!!! I love seeing this little idea of mine taken by others and run with!! It’s how homeschooling should be! Take what you like and leave and tweak the rest! Make it fit YOUR family!

This morning I woke up to more posts on EBL of moms excited to get started, moms who have kids that hated school and now are enjoying it, moms that are reconnecting with their kids and healing relationships! I get SO excited every time I read these I have to post my excitement to my personal FB and my friends and family are probably sick of hearing me talk about it.

Today I posted this:

The reason I am SOOO very excited about this whole system….for those that are not homeschooling, and don’t read the posts daily all over the Internet from struggling homeschoolers…is that SO many of us struggle so much with teaching our kids at home and keeping it interesting and our relationships with our kids intact. It is a very serious problem, I feel, that so many homeschoolers think the way to homeschool is to just do school at home. While this can actually work for some families, for the vast majority of us, it’s a huge mistake and it kills learning just as much as it does outside the home, and damages many parent/child relationships as it makes the learning environment a battlefield. Homeschooling should not be a fight. I strongly believe that.

By offering an alternative, (and one that really can work quite well if you put the work into it and come at it with the right mindset!) I’m hoping more families will come to find a way that will bring the joy back to learning and heal relationships with their children.

As I’ve said in my article on my blog, curriculum doesn’t work for every homeschooler…and I’ve found through all my groups that there are a LOT of us out there that are like this!

I’ve always been motivated in all I do to make a difference…it’s exciting to see it when it happens! And even more exciting to see people take my little ideas and make them their own. I love this!

I have more news on how I’m personally working out our new system, but I’ll save that for another post as that will get long…plus I’m still working it out.

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