Experience-Based Learning, Simplified!–Part 2

EBL simplified 2 tinified

So yesterday I got you set up to use Wakelet, and hopefully, you set yourself up an account and have had a chance to play around and get familiar with it. But if you didn’t read part 1 yet, go back and read it first. Then come back here.

Now on to the next step…

Now that you have your own account, log in and go find my account here.

You will see all my Experience-Based Learning Stations Collections:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wakelet-screenshot-tinified.png
I created these specifically to share with you!

COPY each station (Wakelet calls them a “collection”) to your account.

Here’s how:

Click on a collection and it will look like this:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is copy-wakelet-tinified.jpg
Click this COPY button!
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Copy-save-tinified.png
You will get to rename the collection, if you like. Or you can just click “Copy” and save with the same title. You can always change it later.

Do this with each collection (station). And if you’d like to organize your collections in your public profile as I have, with a section header (“Experience-Based Learning Stations”), here’s how:

OK, so now you’ve copied my stations and can make them your own. Anything you do to them won’t change mine, they are yours now. They are copies. You can use them as a framework to add your own stuff and create your own stations.

And you can repeat this process in the future when you are ready to start from scratch again with a new topic…just head back to my Wakelet page (make sure to click the FOLLOW button so you can easily find it again) and copy my blank stations again as needed. You can just delete completed stations when you are done with them, or if you prefer, rename them and keep them.

Now you are ready to start planning! But that will be tomorrow’s lesson!

For today’s recap of what your assignments are:

  • Sign in to your Wakelet account.
  • Find my Wakelet account and follow it.
  • Copy all my EBL stations collections to your Wakelet account.

Come back tomorrow and I’ll help you figure out how to start planning your stations!

In the meantime…have you joined my Facebook group: Homeschooling During Isolation

Go on to Part 3

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