Facebook Groups for Homeschoolers

These are Facebook groups I’ve joined that I think are worth sharing. I like to be a member of a lot of different groups because often they share very different resources.

Now keep in mind…. these are only SOME of the Facebook groups available to homeschoolers! There are a TON more out there that I either haven’t discovered, are local, or I haven’t been interested in. For example, I am not religious, so you won’t find any specific religious groups on my list, and I know there are a ton of those out there. Although, many of the groups below do have a religious slant simply because of the people running them and the majority of the members…hence the popping up of so many secular groups. Like the Secular Netflix group was in direct response to how religious the main one got, etc. Luckily the beauty of homeschooling is that it’s all about choice and there’s something for everyone! So take what you like and leave the rest!

If you have any that you think should be added to this list that you recommend, please comment below and I’ll check them out!


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