first day

well it didn’t quite go according to plan. first of all, i was figuring on having the whole weekend to work on the rest of my planning for this week. little did i know i wouldn’t have a husband basically all weekend. he was helping his mom move. by the time he was back each day, i was frazzled from more days on end alone with the kids than i normally have to do and so i wasn’t really in a place to do the planning work i needed to do. i did get the lawn mowed though! LOL! (i just couldn’t let it go any longer and i was feeling uninspired to plan at that moment, so figured i’d get SOMETHING done.)

anyway so today i was going to plunge headlong into “school” again but it didn’t work out that way. since i didn’t finish planning out what i was going to do, i just went with the things that i did have figured out and that was math and history. the 2 most important subjects anyway, i think. didn’t get to math but we did do all the history i had planned for today and then some. and i looked at the math lessons i had planned and i think i can skip them…they were basically review for her anyway.

so, what we DID do today…which wasn’t until late afternoon because adam wasn’t home until later and then we had some relax (sorta) time before i wanted to dive into anything…we listened to the rest of the catchup stories on the SOTW cds. i had wanted to get all the chapters that we had read already listened to on the cds before we started the new chapter. refresh our memories on what we already read. finally got that finished today. so that was like 5 chapters we listened to (they’re not that long…and audio chapters are fun to listen to.)  and then we did read the next chapter and i read one of the picture books that went with the chapter. and we did the mapwork. YAY! so we actually did accomplish something. 🙂

then we made flubber. purely for fun, but hey, its educational too! 🙂   a science experiment! or is it art? oh who cares, it was fun for her! 🙂  purple and pink flubber. cool stuff! 🙂

tomorrow i’m not sure what we’ll do, but i know i need to at least get the stuff on my plan done. the math and history lessons. because i have it plotted out so that i can get it all finished by the end of the year. i am determined to get to the level i think we should be on. if we don’t get exactly there we should be very close, if i have anything to say about it. 🙂

i really need to try to find time to work on the rest of my plan…i have a lot done but nowhere near all of it. so i’m thinking maybe tomorrow during a calm time i might try to work on it. i don’t like working on it at night or i’d work on it now…i’m just too tired and unmotivated at night. and in the day when the kids are with me i am usually too busy breaking up fights. so it makes it hard to focus on anything. they have been fighting like crazy. i am pretty sure a lack of a routine has a lot to do with it so my plan was to get that re-established…and do the best i can with that. i’m not good at routines but i can do a rough one, and i will. and maybe someday i’ll get the hang of it to the point i actually can do even better than that. 🙂  one can hope!

i’ve faced the reality that i’m “routine challenged” and learning to live with it. there’s ways to make do when you are weak at things…ways to get them established so that it makes it harder to fail…still working on how to do that. i have confidence i’ll figure it out.

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