forgot to mention maeven’s new hobby!

maeven is learning to knit! she started learning during her “nana time” on tuesdays a couple weeks ago…apparently she’s working on making a surprise for me for my birthday. i’ve heard she’s doing quite well! and she seems to enjoy it!

i’ve wanted her to learn handcrafts like this for some time, and my mom is really good at these sorts of things so i’ve been hoping maeven would show an interest…and she finally has! i absolutely consider this part of her education. i think handcrafts like knitting, sewing, crocheting, woodworking, etc etc…should be part of every child’s education! (at least the ones that interest the child). so i’m quite pleased that maeven has finally taken to it! (for now, at least…who knows how long her interest will be maintained…but for now, she’s reaping the benefits!)

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  1. YAY for Maeven! Knitting is so fun! I taught Cadyn how to finger knit the other day and she made a snake in about 10 minutes.

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