After attending the ERCLC’s Cave Activity on Tuesday, we headed out to the real deal on Friday on a school field trip to Crystal Cave in Sequoia National Park. This is a trip we’d been wanting to make for years with the kids (especially Adam), but just hadn’t gotten around to. It was really exciting to be able to take the trip with our friends from school!

And on the way back home, we went right past The General Sherman Tree, so we stopped and took a look at that as well…another thing I’d been wanting to take the kids to see for years!

On the way back Maeven saw a bear!! Sadly, the rest of us missed it 🙁  But we also saw a deer on the side of the road…so, wild animals viewed that day: 1 bear, 1 deer, 1 rattlesnake, several chipmunks, many squirrels and lots of birds including some hawks!

All around a great day for all! We learned about caves and stalactites/stalagmites, how water makes caves and much more! We also got to oooh and ahhhh at all the gigantic trees and see the biggest of them all! (Biggest by mass, not height or circumference.) There’s no way to measure all that the kids learned on this trip…it was just all around great!

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