gearing up

well i’m just starting, so it’s not super impressive yet…but here’s what i’ve started, in order to gear up for another year of homeschooling…

this week i ordered the next level of right start math for maeven. (level b) we had been doing level a, but it really was too slow moving and she was getting bored (plus tyren constantly interrupted us) so i scrapped it and researched the next level. i learned that she really should be in level b. i wanted to start from the beginning, but it was designed for preschool and kindergarten aged and she was already older than that. the lessons were designed to go slowly for younger children. but i learned from the yahoogroup of people that use this program that she would be fine starting on level b because it covers the same info, but at a faster pace for older children. so i finally found the money to order it. yay me! 🙂  (its not cheap) and picked up the extra manipulatives to add to what i had already bought. i’m saving level a for tyren.

i also bought (finally!) the cds of story of the world, which is our history curriculum. we have the book and the workbook, and we LOVE it! but i have been wanting to get the cds for awhile because i would like to be able to have some repetition of these stories so they will stick better. i don’t have the time or energy to read these stories over and over, but i can put them on for her to listen to anytime, in the car, or in the living room, or in her room…should help us all really learn these stories.

and lastly, i had a talk with my mom…who is now no longer working (although she may be getting another job), and she has agreed to help me out…she’ll take tyren off my hands more regularly (i’m thinking like an hour or 2 for mon/wed/fri) so i can get some focused time to work, uninterrupted, with maeven. and then she also will help me with some of the actual homeschooling with maeven. not sure the details on this yet. i’m not yet on a roll with my planning, so i don’t have it all worked out in my head yet, but i will eventually.

my first thought is that she can work with maeven on listening to her read and watch her practice writing, stuff like that.

i never really planned to be the only one homeschooling my kids…as long as there are others who can help, i don’t want to be the one with the sole responsibility. i’ll do the organizing, but i sure will appreciate the help with the actual hands-on stuff. i’m very lucky to have options with this.

ok, well i have a lot of things to do, like sleep.

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