geez louise i suck at this blog

i made this blog so that i could post what we are up to, eduationally, and it just has ended up feeling like a chore. i still really want to post here regularly, at least as a record for myself…but it really feels like a chore. so i don’t know if i’ll ever be consistant at it. but after having a long discussion with my husband this morning which included me posting about what we’re doing (among many other things), i am back to thinking about working on this blog some more.

i do still hesitate because it makes me feel like i’m on display. this is particularly amusing for me because i’ve never been one to be very private about anything. but since i struggle daily with my job as a homeschooling parent, i am much less inclined to want to post all my trials and tribulations for the world to see. makes me feel like i’m on a reality tv show, something i would probably never be comfortable with.

i already know that my parenting and educational philosophies are controversial to many, so it makes me feel pretty vulnerable to give regular updates on what we’re doing, to be scrutinized.  i’m very strong in my convictions about homeschooling…but the details of HOW i homeschool change on a regular basis, and i doubt myself all the time…i’m still making this up and figuring this out as i go along. so i really don’t like to be judged for how things are going when what we do today will likely be different tomorrow or next week and certainly next month. and i’m sure things will also change even more once i start focusing on tyren, since he’s a very different child than maeven. i know for a fact that things that work and don’t work with maeven are going to be very different with tyren.

anyway, my point? well i really want to use this blog for the reasons i created it…i just know from experience that i’m not so great at consistency…so i’ll keep trying, but i’m not promising anything.

suffice it to say that there are educational things happening over here all the time…i just don’t always want to write them all down, because that makes it into a very big chore. i’ll keep trying though.

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