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I saw an ad in my Facebook feed today that intrigued me. An ad for a new video streaming service for science videos! Immediately got MY attention, especially with all the way cool experiments in the video! He’s called the Dancing Scientist, and here’s his YouTube channel.

The service that he’s doing is called Generation Genius.

After watching the ad a couple times, I thought “Wow! I really need to review this service! I wonder if he’d let me have a subscription for a review?”  (Something I do from time to time.)  I searched for his info on Facebook, found his email and emailed him and within just a few hours I had an answer! HE WOULD!! Now THAT is some seriously quick service! LOL! I’m impressed!

We’re only halfway through the day, I only just discovered this guy this morning, and I’ve already started watching his videos with my son! And we are already liking what we see!

This is NOT the official review. This is me just giving a heads up that there’s something really cool coming soon! Complete review in the works!!

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