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Spent a lot of time recently researching ideas for making homeschooling fun, since it was a topic we decided to discuss in the latest episode of our Savvy Homeschool Moms podcast…which has got me thinking a lot on this topic of “fun” in homeschooling.

It’s always been my intention to homeschool in a fun way. I just have lost sight of that in recent months as I continue to try to find a routine that will work for both myself and my quirks, my kids and their quirks, and the requirements of our homeschool charter.

I am feeling frequently overwhelmed by all that I need to do. In my home, with my businesses, with my kids, with my husband…and when I’m overwhelmed I do one one of 2 things: I shut down or I put the pedal to the metal and dive in. I tend to vacillate between the 2, causing many starts and stops. Such is my life. Sigh.

I don’t know that I’ll ever be good at this…this life stuff…lol! But really, is anyone? I guess the important part is that I keep trying and never truly give up.

So I’m determined to make the coming school year more fun for my kids. And in order to be able to do that I need to get better organized to enable me to keep sight of my goals. I’ve found some great resources for that. I will post them as I try them out, in case any of you might benefit from them as well.

First thing I’m going to attack today…with the long-term goal of making homeschooling more fun, starting with getting organized so I can focus more on planning fun…is our school/art area. I’m feeling inspired to attack it today. I may even take before and after pictures. If I’m feeling brave (only if I get somewhere in there), I may even post them! :)

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