Getting organized!

Started organizing my thoughts on paper. Did some journaling and came up with the idea to put big pieces of butcher paper on the wall to plot out my projects and keep me focused. With my (self diagnosed) A.D.D., I find it hard to maintain momentum when I have so many balls in the air. Inevitably I hyper focus on one thing at the expense of all other projects, or just flit about on all of them, not really accomplishing much on anything.

Since all these projects are equally important, and my time is limited to the summer months to get the 2 biggest accomplished (planning 2012/13 school year and planning museum exhibits), I had to come up with tactics to keep the ideas flowing and the projects first and foremost on my mind. So I’m hoping having a huge sheet of paper next to my desk (where I frequently sit at my computer) will keep my mind on the tasks at hand and keep me moving forward on all of them.

Now I just have to dig up my colorful poster pens!

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