Getting real

This is me getting real. Really real. This is the state of my school room/art area currently: IMG 6744

IMG 6745

IMG 6746
Feel better about your house now?

In my defense…we just came out of Halloween/birthday party MADNESS.

My daughter’s birthday is tomorrow, so we chose to have her party on Halloween this year, with a Halloween theme. Since she is turning 15 and is too old for trick or treating now, this was a great way for her and her friends to still enjoy dressing up…and me to not have to do 2 parties. (THAT wasn’t gonna happen!!)

But, of course, my daughter being who she is…a creative, albeit slightly obsessive, genius…her costume making took over the art area. And we are still dealing with the mess.

Plus even though the party was at my parents’ house…all the stuff (leftover pumpkins, decorations, etc) came back here afterwards…and since we’re still recoiling from the exhaustion of the awesomeness of it all…it’s not all gotten picked up and put away yet…3 days later.

Plus we had enrichment classes all day on Monday, so not home…and exhausted once home…and now we’re getting ready to head out for my son’s drumming lessons so….no time now to clean either! SIGH!

It’s going to take some time to get it back to useable.

PLUS we need to catch up on school work somewhere in the midst of the clean up. All the stuff that got pushed aside in the party prep last week.

So, yeah. It’s going to be a long, busy week. I’ll be sure to post after pics though!

But I feel like too many blogs only post the beautiful put together pics and the Martha Stewart-like moments that just make the rest of us that already feel like we’re failing feel even worse. So here’s my post those of us out there struggling. It’s real at the Smith house. It’s a wreck. And I’m struggling. But I’ll get it taken care of eventually and we’ll bugger on and things will be somewhat organized again. Somewhat, because it’s never fully organized, lol! Not with children in the house!!

Hey, tell me your rooms are wrecks too in the comments below and make me feel better now! :)

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