Gotta love self motivation!

20140516-102829.jpgI love when one of my children actually cooperates. It’s not always a regular occurrence, so it stands out in my mind when it happens…I recently explained to my 13yr old that because we got lax on math this year, that in order to finish this level before the new school year, she will need to work on it straight through summer. (We use the grade level math “work texts” from Math Mammoth, and LOVE it! Well, I love it, THEY don’t hate it, which is the highest praise they are capable of giving any math curriculum! LOL!)

I then gave her the idea that if she would like to have some math-free summer days, that she might consider doubling up on her math pgs as she feels compelled. Up to her.

Lately she’s been doubling the amount of math work she’s doing! Yay for self motivation!

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